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How To Stay Consistent with Exercise?

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Many of us start the new year strong with resolutions to get in shape. We head to the gym with determination the first month, but our zeal and enthusiasm starts fading and most people have abandoned their fitness goals by the time Valentine’s Day comes around.

Oftentimes the reason is simply because exercise is just not part of the routine we have established for our lives. Sometimes getting fit is not having what it takes or about doing the best ab workouts, sometimes we just have to build healthy exercise habits that will last beyond the spirit of the first few weeks. If you want to remain consistent with your exercise and workout plans, follow the steps outlined below.

Don’t Jump Off the Deep End

A fatal mistake when it comes to building consistent exercise habits is that we often bite off more than we can chew right off the bat. It is important to start small and slowly build momentum.

Making ambitious exercise goals like exercising every day for an hour may sound awesome in your head, but it is far less likely that you will follow through with such ambitious goals, especially if you aren’t used to exercising to begin with. If you overstate your goal, you are more likely to fail. Failure has the effect of disheartening us and even the best of intentions gets wasted when we feel bad about failure and give up.

It is a far better option to make smaller manageable exercise goals that you are certain you will be able to achieve. You will build confidence in yourself as you achieve these bite sized goals and you can build momentum steadily. Your habits are more likely to stick this way. 

Reward Yourself for Reaching Fitness Goals

When you begin any health or exercise regimen, it is incredibly useful if you set rewards for yourself. Start small with immediate rewards for smaller steps like successfully completing your workout and build up the rewards for advanced fitness goals. The rewards don’t always have to be big, but they should definitely be something you look forward to. They can be as simple as going out for a cup of coffee or drinks with a friend. Once you start exercising regularly you will also see the other rewards it brings to your life, like more energy, more restful sleep, and a better sense of well-being

Choose Physical Fitness Activities That You Enjoy

If working out leaves you unhappy with yourself because you find it unpleasant, or you feel awkward or clumsy while doing it, you are more likely to quite quicker. If you are not comfortable jazzercising in a group for instance, or if the beefcakes at the gym you go to make you feel gauche and incompetent, you don’t have to go there. Don’t select exercise activities just because everyone else seems to be doing it or it is the rage at the moment. You should instead opt for activities that will suit your abilities, lifestyle and preferences.


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