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SMILE SWAGGER: How Teledentistry & BYTE Are Changing The Game!

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Nina Dobrev, Nick Bateman, Eddie Cibrean, Chris Caldovino and countless other high profile celebrities, influencers and athletes have been turning to the teledentistry industry to help them shape that perfect smile!

By definition, teledentistry is the use of information technology and telecommunications for dental care, consultation, education, and public awareness. Swagger Magazine investigated and found out that companies in the teledentistry space, such as byte, have been helping people fix their teeth without them ever having to leave their homes, because, well, who has time for an expensive trip to the dentist and those long waiting room visits?!

Thanks to byte and others, you can literally get your teeth to be straighter and more white in the comfort of your own home. We sat down with Sarah McDonald, a representative from the fastest growing teledentistry company byte, to find out more about how their company is bringing the swagger back to people’s smiles.

QUESTION: List them off for us quickly Sarah. What are the main things that set byte a part from other brands of teeth aligners and whiteners?


  1. Fastest aligner system out that straightens and whitens your teeth from home
  2. Our exclusive HyperByte High Frequency Vibration device will cut down your treatment time to half of any other brand out
  3. Smile Science technology: We design your smile with your overall facial features in consideration for an upgraded smile that fits YOU perfectly
  4. Comes with teeth whitener so you can get the best of both worlds

QUESTION: For men, why is having a straight and white smile so important to keeping up with good swagger?

ANSWER: A huge part of swagger is having real confidence. Believing in yourself and not being afraid to get after what you want. Your smile is one of the first things people notice, whether it’s that one girl you’re trying to impress, interviewing for your dream job or standing up for yourself and your beliefs — byte not only gives you a great smile but the confidence to use it.

QUESTION: What is your typical male customer like?

ANSWER: Our typical male customer is a millennial who is trying to pave his own way, creating the life he dreams of. Confidence is something that many of our customers mention wanting more of and they’ve identified their teeth as an area they want to improve.

FINAL QUESTION: How is byte making teeth whitening and straightening “cool” for 2020?

FINAL ANSWER: We’re continuing to make the inaccessible, accessible by partnering with amazing brands to bring you the best of the best in oral healthcare. Recently we partnered with Snow and Rob Gronkowski to bring best in class teeth whitener to our customers. We’ve got some fun things in the works so keep an eye out

To learn more about byte head over to their website at:

2020 is here, new technology is amongst us, and teledentistry is now available to us all… take advantage and get your smile swagger on!



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