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Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Sailun Tires

It’s well-known that some women enjoy multiple orgasms, but new research shows that ALL ladies have a bigger, better thrill lurking deep inside: the ‘super orgasm’.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, we’re not just talking about three or four orgasms at once – we’re talking 100.

No, really.

Yet if scientists have found that all women are capable of said super orgasms, why aren’t ladies rocking these day and night already? Because it’s more complicated than just playing with the clitoris or whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Apparently, it’s a long, involved process that sounds more like a second job than fun bedroom antics.

Still, while most men think you’re stuck with just the one orgasm, it’s clear that, with a little bit of work and restraint, you too can prolong the pleasure. Let’s see if I can help you get started on those multi-orgasms first!

Come Again?

It’s important to remember that the orgasm is not ejaculation itself. While they tend to feel one and the same in the moment, you actually come a few seconds after orgasming – this is when you breathe faster, feel more sensitive, and get that rush of excitement through your body.

However, coming is just the last part of the process, and not the orgasm itself. If you can work on stopping ejaculation at the pivotal moment, you can enjoy mind-bending sensations without having to bring your between-the-sheets action to a close. Both yourself and your partner will be able to make sex last longer and longer.

With practice, some men are capable of withholding their semen and having one orgasm after another. I spoke to one man (Jack; not his real name) who regularly enjoys multiple orgasms with his girlfriend and another partner, thanks mainly to massaging his prostate gland.

Now, if this makes you wince, it’s worth at least considering a little prostate-play – it can boost your orgasms to mind-blowing levels.

According to Jack, he and his partners spend one to two hours on foreplay and teasing, before bringing the prostate into the action.

“My lovers stimulate my prostate directly, and also play with the area between my penis and anus, until I reach orgasm. The trick is to block ejaculation – this way you can continue. This orgasm is mega-intense and long-lasting, often for several minutes. Sometimes I actually faint when it happens.”

So, how many times has Jack orgasmed in one session? “I have managed nine orgasms in half an hour. We don’t stop there – they try and make me come in a circulating orgasm phase, which apparently can last more than an hour, though I haven’t managed this yet.”

Going Deeper

While Jack may enjoy having his prostate massaged directly (i.e. via the anus), if you’re squeamish, just try to play with the perineum instead (that area Jack mentions, between the anus and scrotum), which is referred to by some experts as the male G-spot. With a little bit of light massage, this can create stronger sensations.

But what about blocking your ejaculation, as Jack does?

The tried-and-true squeeze method. As you feel your urge to come, yourself or your partner should squeeze the penis’s head (gently!), which stems the explosive sensations. You can practice this yourself (during your ‘me time’) or ask your partner to try it during sex.

If you learn to stop ejaculating at the right time, you can enjoy the full-body euphoria of an orgasm again and again, though it definitely takes practice. Combined with some playing of the perineum, this technique can revolutionise your sex life and introduce you to new realms of pleasure.

There’s still no word on whether men can enjoy 100 orgasms in one go yet, but I’ll keep you posted



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