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6 out of 10 Men want Partners without Perfume in Bed

Sailun Tires

My recent survey has uncovered that while perfumes play a role in attracting lovers to one another, when it comes to the most intimate moments, the majority of men having affairs prefer to inhale their lover’s natural scent, while women are equal fans of natural scent and perfume. It appears this might lead to clues to whether your partner is engaging in adulterous adventures.

A survey I conducted, questioned 5807 of people enjoying extramarital affairs from ten countries to discover their preferences when it comes to the smell of their lover.

Both men and women have strong opinions about the perfume they want their lover to be wearing – right down to the exact brand, and type of smell – however when it comes to the most intimate moments between the sheets, 62.1% of men and 53.3% of women want their lover au natural.

Both men and women in Denmark voted strongly for having a natural smelling lover in bed, with a massive 64.3% of women and 58.6% of men saying perfume has no place in the boudoir.

Swedish women on the other hand could go both ways, with just 1% dividing the vote in favour of men wearing cologne in bed (51%). Norwegian women are similarly split, with 51.9% agreeing with Swedish women that a man who comes to bed wearing cologne is hotter.

Spanish women feel more strongly in favour of sexy perfumes, with 56% preferring a man with a sexy perfume. The exception to the rule are women from France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain Norway, Poland and the Netherlands – these women prefer to smell cologne during the hottest mattress moments.

When it comes to selecting perfumes, the majority of men (34.2%) prefer ladies to spritz with a flowery scent, while 42.4% of women enjoy men with a sporty fragrance.  24.7% of women want their man’s cologne to smell spicy while 22.9% are turned on by a fruity smell. The most unpopular scent for men would be a flowery one – with just 10% of women voting it as sexy. When it comes to ladies’ perfumes, floral scents are the sexiest, followed closely by fruity (32.3%). Sporty (22%) claimed nearly one-fifth of the votes, and spicy fragrances will entrance just 15.5% of gents.

While the majority of nations agree with flowery scents suiting women and sporty perfumes being perfect for gents, the tastes of men in Finland are a little different. The majority of Finnish men (42.3%) want their lady smelling fruity.

The survey presented adventurous adulterers with a selection of 25 top selling perfumes from internationally recognised brands to discover what is turning people on the most.

The brands that are nailing it when it comes to sexy scents are creating scents that sow the first seeds of attraction are Abercrombie and Fitch – with one-fifth of men saying they’ll drop everything for a woman who wears the brand’s signature scent, and 20.8% of women are swooning over gents who smell of Hugo Boss.

Not surprisingly, French men and women are falling over fragrances from Dior – 57.1% of women and 27.3% of men in France say fragrances from Dior are the sexiest.

Similarly, Americans are turned on by a scent from an American brand, with 30% of women and 23% of men voting Abercrombie and Fitch the sexiest scent on the market.

Shockingly, Belgian men and women also voted Abercrombie & Fitch fragrances as having the sexiest scents with a whopping 62.5% of women and 26.9% of men saying they love the brand’s perfumes.

A third of Polish women agree, saying Abercrombie and Fitch has the best men’s cologne, however the most popular smell men want on women is from Lacoste – with 23.5% of votes.

Dutch men (15.4%) concur with the overwhelming trend of being turned on by Abercrombie fragrances, but 25% of Dutch women voted Bvlgari as having the sexiest perfumes.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal said often a perfume is an extension of someone’s personality – and people have what they call their ‘signature scent’ for years.

“There’s no doubt that perfume is what initially attracts lovers to each other, and now we’ve discovered that between the sheets, lovers want each other laid bare – completely natural. We don’t want to give away any secrets, but if your husband or wife either stops wearing perfume, or changes their ‘signature scent’ that’s a good indication someone’s told them they smell better without it – and that probably happened while they were having wild, passionate sex,” Mr Vedal hinted.

Victoria Milan’s study collected this data from active members enjoying their love lives and extramarital affairs in ten countries: Spain, Belgium, France, United States, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Number of females that want man with perfumes in bed:

  • Belgium  77.3%
  • France   57.1%
  • Spain   56.0%
  • Poland   52.4%
  • Norway  51.9%
  • Sweden  51.0%
  • Netherlands  50.0%
  • Finland  41.3%
  • Denmark  35.7%
  • United States  24.1%

Number of males that want woman with natural scent in bed:

  • United States  70.8%
  • Norway  66.5%
  • Finland  63.7%
  • Sweden  64.7%
  • Netherlands  60.2%
  • Belgium  59.0%
  • Denmark  58.6%
  • Spain   55.7%
  • Poland   48.4%
  • France   30.0%


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