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Erectile Dysfunction: The Hard Truths

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There are many individuals all over the world that believe that erectile dysfunction only occurs after a certain age. This would be one of the many misconceptions about erectile dysfunction in general, which affects millions of males all over the globe. It is hard to downplay just how much erectile dysfunction can affect a relationship, as it can make you or your partner feel unwanted and also affect you and your partner’s self esteem, as well.

If you have erectile dysfunction, the first question to ask is whether you are having more stress/anxiety in your life than usual. While not all erectile dysfunction cases are psychological, the truth is that the additional stress of “performing” might be one of the reasons that it keeps happening. There are many men who still get morning wood well into middle age, and this might be a sign that your erectile dysfunction is more about the issues in your life rather than anything else. Either way, here are some quick facts about erectile dysfunction that might help illuminate you on the subject.


You Can Change It

Your body responds to all sorts of changes if you are willing to take the time and energy to actually make a change. There is scientific evidence that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and you might want to consider eating healthier and exercising to ensure that you get the blood pumping. If you are serious about getting rid of erectile dysfunction, you have the make time for regular exercise routines and gym visits to address the problem. You should keep in mind that an active sex life can also help you become healthier in its own way, as well.

Switch Things Up

You might be deeply in love with your partner, but the truth is that sex with the same person might get “boring” in the sense that it can get predictable. You may not have any interest in having sex with new people, but wish that your partner were more receptive to changing things up in the bedroom.

You never know what might help get the blood flowing and help you and your partner get more excited about sex. For example, there are married partners that turn to roleplaying as a way to keep things fresh. In addition, there are men and women that might consider a vacation to be more uninhibited, without having to think about personal or professional obligations. These are small steps to take that can help you become more excited, and perform better for both you and your partner. If these strategies aren’t possible, then simply consider trying a new position.

It’s Common

You might want to deny that you have erectile dysfunction, but this would be a mistake. Your partner will often appreciate the fact that you are honest, vulnerable, and care about their sexual satisfaction. Erectile dysfunction literally affects millions of people, and you shouldn’t be ashamed about the way that your body is reacting.

If you are serious about erectile dysfunction affecting your life negatively, you should schedule a doctor visit. You should also consider doing your own research and asking your doctor about the safest options possible to address the issue.


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