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Pre-date rituals to boost your love life

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After days of well-timed compliments and polite chat you’ve finally turned that Tinder match into an actual date – but what you get up to on that date is another challenge entirely.

You can always play it safe with dinner and drinks, or the traditional cinema trip. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could always try a more daring approach like Orlando Bloom, who recently took girlfriend Katy Perry paddle boarding in the nude.

Whether you’re planning to involve naked water sports or not, getting the ideal date pencilled in is a big achievement. But don’t rest easy yet – the hard part is still to come.


The trickiest thing about seeing someone new is getting rid of all those nerves and worries.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a checklist of pre-date rituals that’ll save you from yourself, so that whatever your date might be you can head out feeling on top of your game.

Go for a run

We all know that exercise releases endorphins that’ll relax any pre-date nerves, but it also improves concentration and creativity – perfect for helping you deliver witty one-liners and stimulating conversation over dinner.

So head out for a jog, a weight-lifting session or a cycle – whatever workout you enjoy the most. Just don’t push it too hard. Pulling a muscle right before you head out will not make for a sexy entrance.

Create a mood-enhancing playlist

Listening to music is great for getting you in the zone, so blast some Kanye West whilst you’re getting ready to build up your confidence.

If you’re planning on bringing your date home at the end of the night, remember that music is also great when trying to create atmosphere. Fill a Spotify playlist with chilled out tunes so that, when you both stumble in later on, all you’ll have to do is press play.

Freshen up

Whether you’re heading straight from the office or have the whole afternoon free for preparation, freshening up beforehand is essential dating etiquette.

After you’ve showered don’t forget about the small details like mouthwash and aftershave. Picking the right scent will make all the difference, and is a subtle reminder to your date that you’ve put in maximum effort.

Relax and have a drink

Whilst we don’t advise turning up to your date visibly wasted, a beer to take the edge off is a good shout. If your date starts ordering rounds of shots and double vodkas when you’re out, then it’s best to follow her lead and enjoy a night of drunken debauchery.

Sober or not at the end of the night, after following our advice you’re guaranteed to land that second date.




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