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6 Reasons Visiting Wineries is Better than Going to Bars

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Are you planning for a weekend outing with your loved ones or your friends? You might have already been listing the most talked about bars in town. But don’t you think it’s too common? How about something fun this weekend – like a visit to a winery? You must have numerous questions in mind, like who visits a winery for an outing.

Well, these reasons will tell you why wineries are a lot better than the all-time struggle to find your way through the “bar crowd”.

  1. Highly affordable against Bars

Most people think that visiting a winery is too expensive for your outing budget. But the reality is, it’s cheaper than your daily bar-visits. Most wineries serve you around 1/5th of a glass for each tasting. In general, almost many wineries offer 5-7 tastings, thus, in other words, you get an entire full glass of wine at each tasting.

Interestingly, most wineries refund the entire cost of tasting if you buy a bottle of wine. Also, there are wineries that either charge $5 or $10 (can be free at times) and/or sell bottles at about $20. Irrespective of the option you wish to avail, it is definitely a great deal for your pocket. In addition to it you just pay $10 per drink and end up trying out a healthy variety of wines.

  1. Interaction with new people

If you think that wineries are meant just for couples, then, you are highly mistaken. The environment at the wineries is very well suited for bonding with new people. No loud music and smoking free area allow you to have a real conversation, unlike the bars.

You also get to taste a variety of wines side-by-side with strangers. Further, you interact with them and get to know new people around you. Trust me, wineries are a whole new experience.

  1. One stop destination for bonding

As mentioned before, you get to interact and know a lot of new people in the wineries. Remember that one department in the university, which hardly had one guy among all the other girls in a class? You used to get jealous of him for his increased odds of getting a girl.

To all the guys, why are you even trying to find a girl in the bars when the women are out here at the wineries enjoying and tasting the wines? Women do not leave a single opportunity to have a bit of wine with the other girls. You too don’t want to miss the opportunity! 😉

For people in Australia, you can explore some of the best wineries at Wine Regions Australia.

  1. A best-suited place for couples and groups

The wineries are obviously great for the singles but it is equally best suited for the couples. Wineries create a social atmosphere that allows both couples and a group of friends to have fun and experience something new together.

Unlike bars which are more like dancing and drinking with your friends, wineries give you numerous opportunities to catch up with your old friends and also, make new ones. Isn’t it exciting to imagine that while you are hanging out with your friends, you bond with another group of friends who are here to savor amidst different varieties of wine?

  1. Natural Experience

You may accept it or not but all bars give the same vibe with a very similar décor. On the other side, wineries offer an entirely unique décor along with a visit to the vineyards. They usually have outdoor seating which helps you experience the fascinating natural view surrounding you.

Picturesque view, the surrounding trees, mountains, and other natural elements enhance internal peace and give your mind the much-needed breather. There are many wineries that offer special event spaces for outdoor concerts or movies and picnic spaces. Bars are not even close to this.

  1. Experience variety and the ingredients closely

Bars don’t allow you to try different varieties of drinks and you are never informed about the ingredients used to prepare the drink. In contrast to this, wineries have an entirely different ambiance. They not only give you a great tasting experience but also educate you about the ingredients in your drink.

Wineries love to share their passion for wine with the audience. They introduce you to the entire process that affects the taste of your wine, further enhancing your experience.

Over to you…

Now that you know a wine tasting experience is a lot better than your usual bar-visits, do not miss this opportunity and find out some of the best wineries in your area.


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