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5 Things to Add to an Entertainment Area in Your Home

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Your home should be a haven to relax, entertain, and make memories with your family. An evening spent watching your favorite movie will be more exciting if you watch the movie in a space that closely resembles a theatre.

It is possible to have a movie theatre experience without leaving your home. All you need to do is to add a few things to your home. Use the following ideas to make your entertainment area stand out.

  1. Barn Door

A sliding barn door adds functionality, style, and personality to your home. A barn door is easy to customize and install, and they free up space that is normally taken by traditional doors. This makes barn doors an excellent option for small spaces as you can use low clearance barn door hardware to fit the door in any space. Barn doors are also good for open and large spaces as you can leave them open to provide comfortable movement across rooms or close one to divide a room into a separate area.

Barn doors are extremely stylish and can be customized to suit any aesthetic. Natural wood doors with metal accents and hardware look good in any industrial or rustic setting. Due to their simple and clean profile, barn doors also work well with modern and minimalist homes. The doors are available in various styles and finishes, where some incorporate etched or tinted glass. Whatever your preferred style, you will find a unique one to suit your entertainment area.

  1. Hide the Speakers

In recent years, speaker technology has evolved to get quality sound from smaller devices at your preferred volume level. For this reason, you do not have to place your speakers on the floor. Not only do speakers take up valuable space on the floor, but they are also an eyesore. The alternative is to mount the speakers on the ceiling or your walls. Setting the speakers this way produces a more artistic pleasing design and leaves you with space for other things.

  1. Choose a Suitable Screen

The screen is an essential aspect of the entertainment area. The size of your screen should be proportional to the room dimensions. When choosing the right monitor, consider the recommended viewing distances for the optimal viewing experience to avoid damaging your eyes in the long run. When choosing a screen, one thing to remember is to pick one equipped with a game console, satellite feed, Blu-ray player, and live stream.

While your screen gives you breathtaking images, the screen can be challenging to work around interior design. But just as you can have your speakers out of sight, you can also hide your screen until it’s needed. You can hide your screen by mounting it behind a wall or using custom-made furniture. Your TV screen can slide up or down a cabinet or use the motif to bring it from behind a wall.

  1. Proper Lighting

Lighting is probably the most important aspect of a home theatre. A poor choice in lighting styles can ruin your movie experience. If the lighting is too bright, you will reflect on the screen that will affect picture quality. On the other hand, if the lighting is too low, it will affect your vision. You can go for bright or dimmable lighting to provide a special touch to your home theatre design.

  1. Comfortable Seats

You cannot enjoy your movie while sitting in an uncomfortable seat. Consider buying comfortable recliners as they provide maximum comfort. However, if the cost of recliners is restrictive, consider using your current sofa or upgrade to a better one. If you have an open living room, choose more classic seats as they will not look out of place. A sleek and trendy recliner accent chair coupled with a traditional sofa can also work for you. 

You can experiment with theatre seats for a closed living room, such as an asymmetrical sectional, which is large enough with plenty of storage space between chairs. If you have limited space in your living room, you can use a sectional instead of recliners. You can also pair a lounger sofa with a small sofa to create a sectional to suit your small space.

You can transform your room into anything you want. Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a massive living room space, you can apply the ideas above to turn it into a fun entertainment space.


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