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D.I.Y. Outdoor Lights With Flare and Ambiance

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Beautiful D.I.Y. lights can make any place look charming and romantic. If you are throwing a
party in a rustic style, or just want to decorate your garden in a creative way, there are many
ways for you to do so.

Depending on your preferences, you can use candles, dimmable downlights, string lights, or
many other types of lighting. All of them will look stunning outdoors. Below, you’ll find some
ideas on hand-made outdoor lights.

D.I.Y. Candle Lighting Ideas

Many people like making candle holders from empty jars. This type of decoration will look
stunning in any backyard.

Gather all your empty glass jars, a twine spool, and a glue gun – get ready to make some
magic! Make sure the jars are not made of plastic. This material melts in high temperatures,
and putting candles inside might be dangerous.

You can use empty jars from yogurt, jam, olives, pickled vegetables, et cetera. It’s a very
sustainable solution!

Here Is a Guide on How to Make Candle Holders From Old

Very often, old jars have stickers that are hard to remove. Use warm water and a bit of soap
to melt the glue and remove the labels. You can also use a blow dryer. Hot air will help to
remove any stickers from different surfaces.

After your jars are washed and dry, you can paint them. You can draw different patterns,
such as polka dot or hearts. If you don’t want to do it, the plain glass will also look very nice.

Wrap twine around the jar and glue it. Don’t cover the whole jar with it, because it will block
the light from the candle. You can either wrap the bottom or the top of your candle holder.

If you want to leave a lid from the jar, remember to make holes in it. If you don’t do it, the fire
in the candle will not receive enough oxygen to burn.

Put your candles inside and… voila! Your charming decorations are ready!

You can put them on the table or all over the floor if the jars are very big. Using twine, you
can also hang your candles on trees and make them look like mason jars. It will create a
beautiful atmosphere in your backyard.

D.I.Y. Lighting Ideas With Artificial Light

The most commonly used lights in D.I.Y. are string lights. Some of them are battery operated
or even solar battery operated. It’s very convenient because you won’t find any power
sockets outdoors.

There are a lot of different D.I.Y. ideas for string lights and other types of artificial light. If
you’re looking for easy and effective composition, try making grapevine lighting balls.

How To Make Grapevine Lighting Balls?

You will need:
● A knitting string of your favorite color.
● Transparent and liquid paper glue.
● Balloons.

Inflate a balloon to the size you want your grapevine ball to be. Put around 2-3 tbsp of glue
into a small plate. If it is too thick, you might need to add a teaspoon of water to it and mix
the solution.

You will have to wrap a string around the balloon. But before doing it, soak the knitting string
in glue. Don’t be afraid to wrap too chaotically. It will make your grapevine ball look even
more charming.

Let it dry for a day. When you see that a string is dry and hard, pop a balloon. Remove it
from the inside of the ball. Put small string lights inside. Your grapevine lighting ball is ready.
You can make as many of them as you want. The size and color depend on your
preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Remember that paper glue dissolves in water. If you leave your decorations outside on a
rainy day for a long time, you might destroy them. Consider hanging or putting them in dry
places covered with a roof such as a porch, patio, or gazebo.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor lights with ambiance will make every backyard look charming. Even better, you can
create lighting decorations by yourself and save a lot of money.

This list of ideas was created to inspire you to make your own masterpiece. And hopefully, it
was helpful.

Remember that there are many other things you can use for D.I.Y. projects. Buckets,
ladders, old suitcases, bottles, pots, bricks, and almost anything you think about can get a
second life if you use your imagination. Don’t limit yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment.
Every hand-made decoration is precious and unique!


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