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Simple Ways To Enjoy a Stress-Free Sundance Film Festival

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For more than three decades, the Sundance Film Festival has been synonymous with Park City. Every year the festival evolves and it is important to be on the lookout about the latest ideas on how to Sundance to make the most out of the festival. But, what is the Sundance Film Festival?

What Is The Sundance Film Festival?

The Sundance Film Festival is a yearly program of the Sundance Institute. It is a non-profit organization established by the award-winning actor Robert Redford. Its aim is to support the growth of independent artists in the industry.

This annual film event showcases new creative works from various independent filmmakers both from the US and from other countries all over the world. It is a yearly event that usually happens in mid to late January and typically lasts for ten days. The Sundance Film Festival originally began in Salt Lake City in 1978 with the aim of attracting filmmakers to go to Utah.

However, in 1981, the festival was moved to Park City in Utah. There is also a change in the timeframe from the original September event; it was moved to January. This is because the concept of a film festival would be more attractive to Hollywood if it is held in a ski resort during the winter season.

So, how do you maximize and enjoy the Sundance Film Festival as well as the Park City? Here are some useful tips that you use.

Try Not to Rent A Car

The best way to spoil your experience of the Sundance Film Festival is attempting to drive a car around Park City. Aside from packed small streets, parking during the festival is way too expensive. The majority of those who have been attending the festival are recommending visitors to try using the free transit alternatives at Park City or enjoy and explore the place by walking around.

There are some visitors that use Uber or Lyft but, it is better to get out of the vehicle before it reaches Main Street since this is the place where congestion usually starts. During the festival, there are many cases of vehicular accidents. If you are involved in an accident and need legal help, contact a Utah car accident lawyer that many Utah drivers trust.

Choose Accommodations That Are Near The Venue

Park City is a resort town and has a wide variety of decent accommodations with friendly prices. If you want convenience and less stress, secure accommodation that is just a few minutes away from the venue. If you find the hotels to be very expensive, which they usually are considering the festival, you can opt for Airbnb.

Plan Ahead

Just like other festivals in the US, the Sundance Film Festival offers a lot of unofficial and official events and most of these events require RSVP. Before going to the event, try to search Sundance events and parties on Google a few weeks before. Check out the parties and events that you would like to attend and RSVP online if necessary.

The same goes for movie tickets. Scan the films that you would like to watch during the festival and have it reserved online so avoid inconvenience. Although there is an on-site box office where you can purchase movie tickets, most of the time they are sold out during the Sundance Film Festival.

If you were unable to RSVP online, ask around. Sometimes people change their plans. Most often festival-goers have spare tickets to sell; all you have to do is ask. Buy your movie tickets in advance by registering at the official website of Sundance Film Festival to purchase tickets online. Tickets are available as early as fall.

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Enjoy the Slopes

The Sundance Film Festival is also a great time to enjoy the slopes since many guests in Park City are attending the movie screenings. During the ten-day festival, you can enjoy the ski resorts and most often you will find that the ski resort is not too crowded. You can visit the Park City Mountain, which is the most lift-accessed terrain in the US or the Deer Valley, which offers a ski-only mountain.

Know The Basics

Park City, where the annual Sundance Film Festival is held, sits at approximately 7000 feet altitude. When you visit, do not forget to bring a water bottle to fill up most of the time to stay hydrated. Bring your skin essentials like lotion, eye drops, and lip balms. And don’t forget to have fun!


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