Yacht Charter: Unique Holidays

Almost everyone wants to enjoy their vacation by doing something unique – sure it would be fun to go to the same old resort that everyone else you know has been to and told you about, but it would be so much better to make your own tracks, and find your own way!

As vacations increasingly become the most anticipated event of the year for most people (especially during these lockdown times), it makes sense that they become more bespoke, and much more personal. People are being forced to wait and plan from long days of working at home, dreaming of their upcoming vacation.

But, when it comes to picking the perfect holiday in these social distancing times, what are the options?  A remote villa with its own pool would be nice, and a good getaway, but it would be pretty much like being stuck in a sunny prison given the lockdown regimes in many countries that still exist.  How much better would it be if you could do something unique, and visit a different destination each day?  If you could go where you fancy, to faraway beaches, secluded bays, tiny tavernas in the middle of nowhere, or bigger coastal resorts at your own will?

You can make all these things possible by heading off on a yacht charter holiday – with PlainSailing.com (amongst others) offering a number of options from across the Med. Here are the advantages you are going to grab from this service.

Celebrate Your Days Uniquely

No matter whether you are just heading out on a ‘normal’ holiday, or celebrating an occasion such as a big birthday, anniversaries and other special day, you can easily opt for a yacht or catamaran option to make it more even memorable and enjoyable. You may have enjoyed your special days with conventional ways in hotels or any other places but they are not as enjoyable as celebrating on these luxury yachts. Almost all your guests will feel something special after celebrating your special day in these yachts.

Enjoy Star Hotel Treat on Board

Luxury yachts these days aren’t like going out on a ferry, or a dusty old boat from the 1980s, but offer supremely instagrammable backdrops, and the look of the lifestyle that is craved and envied by many across the world.  There are full size double beds, numerous lounging spaces on deck, and norush to claim the sunloungers, because guess what?, they are all yours!  You can have the best seat for sunset, too!

Throw in the crew – either just a skipper to take you where you want, or a skipper and hostess team to cook and clean for you as well, and you can see why this is one of the most relaxing holidays in modern times.

Near to Nature

On top of the fact that you can get away from the crowds (and all those potentially-contagious people!), you can also get much closer to nature – find islets that haven’t been played or moored on in years, isolated private beaches for you own late-night barbecues, and set yourself up in the perfect spot to see dolphins, sea birds, seals, and all manner of wild sea-faring animals. There is no artificiality between you and nature and there will be no one to disturb you.


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