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Rogue One Teaser Trailer Review

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Grab your BB-8 or R2 astromech droid – it’s time to steal the plans for the Death Star.  With the drop of the Rogue One teaser today, the Internet will have fans wearing out the play icon, watching this trailer on repeat.  This is the first stand-alone film in the Star Wars franchise and if this trailer is a promise of things to come – TAKE MY MONEY.
Opening with the dark strokes of those familiar piano key tones, we are given our first look at the next big female Star Wars lead, Jyn Erso, (played by Felicity Jones), the bad girl-next-door, looking to rebel.  The trailer gives off the vibe that if Princess Leia had a dark side, it would be Jyn Erso. If that’s the case, it’s time to let the buns down and watch Jyn kick some imperial scum.  Sorry guys, this girl looks like she is a certified badass and won’t be caught in a golden bikini.
This trailer has some of the most exciting and ominous visuals.  My Ewok neck hairs are still on edge from the moment I watched the Imperial Star Destroyer crest over the cold horizon of space, as the Empire put the final touches on the first Death Star.  I can still feel the sand flying in my face from when the AT-AT’s slammed upon the beach, and blaster fire filled the air.  This trailer affirms that Disney is still committed to providing the series with some of the most interesting and refreshing characters.  Watching Donnie Yen lay the smack down while he whirled the vibro-staff, or seeing Forest Whitaker’s Mad Max style rebel commander, will surely have SW enthusiasts hanging on to their blasters.  We could be in for some of best SW action set pieces seen this side of the galaxy.          
Without giving too much away, the trailer has us counting down the days till December, and leaves us with a ton of questions like – who the heck is the dark Sith-like figure kneeling before the light?  How did that storm trooper score such a wicked upgrade to his armour?  And is that guy wearing a Poe Daniel jacket?  Who is Jyn Erso? And more importantly, what will she and the Rogue One Series become?
The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer is Certified Swagger.

Written by Michael B.


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