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7 Educational Resources for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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An aspiring business owner or entrepreneur can be vulnerable during the early stages of their business. However, having the right information at the right time could lead to recognizing and capturing various business opportunities. This is why it’s important to educate ourselves, and in this article, we go over seven educational resources every aspiring entrepreneur should have access to.

1. Quora

When it comes to questions and answer forums online, Quora usually tops the list, and for a good reason too. The algorithm behind their website automatically pushes down irrelevant answers to questions, reducing the number of time users have to spend looking for an answer to a question. There’s a section called “Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs,” which you can follow for the most up-to-date questions and answers relating to startups. As an entrepreneur, there’s always something you can learn in this section.

2. LegalZoom

When starting up a digital marketing business, or any business for that matter, one of the most common things to decide on is ownership — would you prefer sole proprietorship, or would a limited liability company be much better? Trying to figure this out on your own is possible, but can be error-prone and take some time. LegalZoom provides an abundance of educational resources you can use to learn about the legal side of entrepreneurship.

3. Tax strategies

Paying taxes can be quite tricky, especially when running a business. You might not know it, but you could be paying too much or not enough when it comes to taxes; hence it’s best to get the guidance you need. Tax strategies provide many useful tips that can help you save money and make sure you always pay your fair share.

4. Paychex

During the early stages of a business, raising money is usually one of the main things on an entrepreneur’s mind. While loan sharks might be an option, such a strategy doesn’t always end well. Paychex is a search engine that you can use to find the loans you need to keep your business moving. All you need to do is provide information on your business, and you can begin to search for credible loans.

5. MailChimp

As an entrepreneur, you need to let people know about your business; if not, how else will you be able to get customers? MailChimp is an email service provider that is well known for getting businesses the exposure they need. They provide templates that make it easy to upload your contact list, which, along with MailChimp guides, can help you generate leads from your emails.

Your business can greatly benefit from effective emails. However, qualitative writing is not something everyone is good at, whether you are an entrepreneur or a student. Essay writer service can help you get professional academic writing help. Writing assistance is something many students would find very helpful. If your writing skills are not very good, you can find some resources online that will help you write better, and create stellar emails to streamline your business.

6. Coursera

At every stage in life, there will be opportunities to learn. What’s great about online learning is that it provides an opportunity to improve oneself easily. An entrepreneur should always have the mindset to keep learning, and Coursera makes it easy and budget-friendly. There are tons of courses you can take on their platform that will teach you everything from project management to business finance.

7. Business Insider

It can be helpful to stay on top of current affairs in business. With Business Insider, you don’t need to be working on Wall Street to get the facts, stories, and data that can help your business. Entrepreneurs worldwide can benefit from a service like this, so you might want to consider registering yourself.


There are many educational resources that can help aspiring businessmen. Aside from equipping yourself with the tools mentioned in this article, you might also want to consider consulting friends and family. Some of them might have the experience to guide you to make better decisions. Additionally, try to stay on top of business news and always keep learning!

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Andrew Mazur is a fiancé advisor that has experience with the many facets of the business. These days, he has chosen to diversify his interests, like his portfolio, to include writing to help others. Andrew is also a fan of soccer and enjoys gaming with friends.


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