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Offline Marketing Ideas That Are Still Viable

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With the rise of all things internet and mobile, everyone is concerned about digital marketing, and it’s easy to see why. Digital marketing efforts are more measurable and inexpensive compared to traditional marketing.

Even so, offline marketing is still viable. In fact, a marketing strategy that combines both online and offline techniques delivers the greatest results. When implemented together, internet and traditional marketing techniques can support and amplify each other, helping you to create a unified strategy. This article discusses four offline marketing techniques that are still viable.

    1. Create pamphlets and flyers

Flyers and pamphlets are an effective offline technique to get your brand message to your target audience. They may seem like an old tactic, but they are highly effective, especially if you want to gain visibility in your local area. A company like McNamara Signs can help you design creative flyers and pamphlets that can easily capture your target market’s attention. 

  2. Distribute business cards

Distributing well-made business cards is another effective and probably the cheapest technique to get your business out there. For many prospects, a business card is the first interaction they will have with your brand, and you should try to make it positive. A carefully designed business card does more than carry your business contact information. It depicts professionalism, builds trust in customers, and sets your business apart from others. Consider these tips when designing your business card:

    • Choose a design that reflects your brand personality
    • Organize your information
    • Use special finishes
    • Find the right typeface
    • Leave some white space
    • Include a call to action

    3. Attend trade shows

Participating in trade shows offers you an excellent way to acquire quality leads in a short time, but you need to do it well. If you have been to a trade show, you have probably noticed the disparity. Half of the booths seem lively and full of energy, generating large crowds, while the other half seem to attract no interest and are filled with employees who look bored. You need proper planning and strategizing for your trade shows efforts to generate a buzz and the results you desire. Consider these tips to market your business at a trade show: 

    • Plan in advance
    • Don’t just exhibit, be a speaker
    • Employ gimmicks so that your target customers can flock to your booth
    • Give free samples or discount codes for every lead you get
    • Have a post-event follow-up strategy

    4. Community Engagement

Involving your business in community events is a great way to get your business out there. If finances allow, you can partner with a non-profit organization to sponsor an event. A community engagement program helps to build loyalty and spread the knowledge of your business far and wide. While at it, you can give out branded merchandise, goods, pamphlets, coupons, and discount cards.


You don’t have to choose between online and offline marketing techniques. Rather, combine both strategies to drive business growth. For better results, combine online marketing techniques with viable offline techniques like business cards, flyers, trade shows marketing, and community engagement. 


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