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Email marketing: the great benefits of a very effective channel

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Every time we visit a web page, whatever it is, we see a small tab that invites us to subscribe to the newsletter. This habitual fact is that mailing is the channel of communication par excellence to build loyalty to our users and achieve sales. Due to this, it is strange that the company does not have an email marketing application to carry out its campaigns. Now we are going to tell you the benefits that suppose for you to establish an emailing strategy in your business or service.

What are the benefits of following an email marketing strategy?

A great advantage of email marketing is that it goes directly to the recipient’s personal mailbox, a mailbox that he checks daily. So there is a high probability that you open your email and take a look at the newsletter. You can’t let this opportunity escape, so getting to the inbox is very important. Email marketing applications are designed to make mass mailings unlike mail servers such as Gmail or Yahoo. So if you want to avoid that your campaigns end up in spam you must use the mailing, since it guarantees a high deliverability. In this context, we suggest you to use an EDDM (every door direct mail) strategy and of course you can find such an every door direct mail flyer printing service that best suits your needs.

Segmentation: personalize your email marketing campaigns

As you know, not all your mailing campaigns are suitable for all of your contacts. If for example you have a concert hall and a classic music show, you will not send the newsletter to heavy metal fans. It is very important to segment your contact database to send campaigns as close as possible to the profile of your recipient. The more personalized the shipments, the better the opening possibilities. What you should do is segment your contacts into lists according to their hobbies, interests, location, age … in this way you will only have to select the list and send the campaign to those who will be interested.


The best way to do this segmentation is through a simple form. You can make simple forms to fill out at the time of subscription. At the same time you can use that information for your loyalty strategy. For example, by setting your date of birth and sending a campaign with a special offer on the occasion of your birthday.

Versatility: any business and purpose

Email marketing is the most versatile channel in the market. Both a restaurant and a car wash can do mailing. That’s thanks to the large number of templates that have the tools of email marketing application, adapted to any business. At the same time you can create templates from scratch thanks to the intuitive graphic editors they have.

Interesting campaigns

We also talk about versatility regarding the purpose of the newsletter. You can make campaigns to announce the launch of a new product, to inform of an offer or promotion in your line of products or services, to carry out a campaign of engagement or loyalty or even to make internal communication.

Economical and profitable

Mailing is a tool applicable to any business and if it is taken seriously, it generates high profits due to the little economic investment it requires, so there is no excuse for not doing email marketing.

From some of the explanations above, it seems that email marketing is the answer for marketing in the future.


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