How to enjoy a home vaping session with your folks

While vaping with a portable vaporizer gives you the unparalleled advantage of taking your vaping sessions almost anywhere you go, vaping with a desktop vaporizer can be as rewarding as using a portable vaporizer in terms of the quality of the vapor you experience. It can prove to be more enjoyable experience since vaping with a desktop vaporizer can be a more social experience than you expect. Sure, you can take a portable vaporizer such as the Focus V Carta with you when you hang out with your friends, but nothing beats passing over a whip or a balloon bag while you guys sit around a table.

If you want to have a memorable and an enjoyable home vaping session you can follow these simple tips and life hacks so you can have a good time with your folks.

Create a themed vape session

Nothing beats a themed party, would it hurt if you add a little theme to your vaping sessions? Here are a few tips.

  • Gather a few friends around
  • Tell them the idea of having a themed vaping session
  • Ask everyone for their opinion
  • Make a vote whose idea to follow.

For frequent participants who partake on your regular rituals, you can make this a constant part of your vaping sessions. Since you guys will be vaping at home you can easily decorate the place to set up the mood. It will be the perfect venue to dress up in goofy clothes since no one will be able to see you and your friends put on fancy clothes since no none unwanted will get invited.

We suggest thinking outside of the box. You can go with regular and traditional occasions or you can go with what’s trending, like a new TV show or a new movie you guys all want. It’s all a matter of deciding as a group which all the more builds camaraderie inside your circle.

One of the most popular vape theme is to:

Play games while vaping

You know what’s more fun than playing games? Playing games while vaping with your buddies!

The options are way too vast, you can go old school playing your favorite table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, maybe you’d want to practice your spell slinging and play Magic: the Gathering. If you want some physics action, play a round of Jenga, or, better yet, play poker.

If you and your friends are part of the new breed of gamers who like to play video games, home vaping sessions can spark some fun while playing some of your favorite video games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, or even a wide shooting game with your buddies and play Call of Duty or Fortnite.

The possibilities are endless.

Some strains are also known to improve your focus while gaming. You and your folks can enjoy improved meditation while playing or you and your folks can get uplifted after a good game. No one ends up losing everyone’s a winner when you vape while playing your favorite video games or while skulking deep and getting immersed with some old school table top platformer.

Watch a game while vaping

Are you and your folks die hard sports fans? You might want to include your home vaping sessions while you watch your favorite game of tennis, football, baseball, or basketball. Passing around the vaporizer will surely lighten up the mood.

Vaping while watching your favorite sporting event will also lift up your spirits and might prove to be a a better duo that it and booze. Just remember to take it in moderation, you don’t want to enter deep relaxation and sleep when you’ve already had too much to take.

Some of the best practices when vaping and watching your favorite game is to take it in slowly. Never rush or let the spur of the moment influence you. Just take short and slow drags for a chill vape session while you and your friends calmly enjoy the ongoing match.

Find a reliable desktop vaporizer

Another way to enjoy your home vaping sessions with your folks is by finding a reliable vaporizer. Yep, since you guys will be vaping, then the best way to secure a good session is by finding the right tool that’ll help you guys lifted and medicated. You and your mates can surely take a portable vaporizer and pass it around but how far can it take you anyway?

A desktop unit is a vaporizer that’s exactly designed to yield high-quality clouds of vapor. Because it’s connected to a stable power source, it can generate some of the best vapors in the industry. This breed of vaporizers was meant to take on higher vape technologies since their larger bodies and more capable power sources can launch the desktop vaporizer and help you achieve an elevated state.

A cheap desktop vaporizer can ruin your home vape sessions instead of actually helping you guys out. It may burn your herbs or spoil your concentrates especially if your desktop vaporizer uses a poorly made heating element. Don’t trust your precious materials in some cheap desktop unit, always buy from a reputable brand or a known seller.

Vape with good friends

Were you ever in a vape session where you simply just don’t dig the people you’re hanging out with? One last tip is to make sure that you’re hanging out with some of your best real friends and all will be good.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways of improving your home vape session. What you might think a hindrance and an enclosed confinement might actually be an opening for you and your folks to explore new ways of having fun. We’re sure you and your friends will have no shortage of imaginative ideas especially when you guys bring your heads together in experiencing a truly enjoyable vape session at home. So, what are you waiting for? Go call your friends and grab your desktop vaporizers because you and your best buds might be in for a ride of your lives.



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