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Collection Problems: What to Do When Credence Resource Management Starts Contacting You

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Have you been receiving pesky calls or letters from Credence Resource Management? If so, then they probably reminded you of a debt you allegedly owe them and that they are trying to collect the money from you. This collection agency might have been hot on your trail for quite some time now that it gets a bit annoying already.

Aside from the inconvenience, having a collections account in your credit report will harm your credit score. The longer time you wait, the greater the damage this will bring you. Hence, it is wiser that you deal with them as soon as possible. But, how? You may ask.

This article discusses important details that you need to know about Credence and things you can do to stop them from contacting you and further hurt your credit report.

Credence Resource Management

Credence Resource Management, LLC or simply CRM, is a debt collection agency based in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in Washington, California, and India. Like any agency in the debt collection business, they act as a third-party between the original creditor and borrower, wherein they purchase any outstanding debt of a debtor at a percentage of its value. 

The agency has received numerous complaints from many consumers, usually because of violations against federal law. If you feel harassed by their frequent, persistent, and sometimes aggressive calls and mails, get help from credit repair companies like Lexington Law immediately. They can help you deal with CRM appropriately. Click Here to know more!

Who do they collect for?

Credence commonly works with major telecom providers of mobile services, cable, and satellite such as DirectTV, T-Mobile, and AT&T. On the other hand, they also hold collection activities for other industries like healthcare, utility providers, banking services, and even credit card companies.

Is the agency legit?

Despite numerous complaints they have received each year, this company is legitimate. In fact, it has already been BBB accredited since 2017. Since its establishment in Nevada in 2013, it currently has an annual revenue of $5 million and has around 30 employees across its headquarters. 

What should I do if the agency contacts me?

Being contacted by an unknown number can be daunting, especially when they start to ask for personal identification or verification, and then they hang up immediately. This situation could undoubtedly leave you dumbfounded, and you might find yourself being confronted by that situation again. The next time you take a call from Credence, here’s what you have to do:

Do not ignore.

It might be tempting to ignore the endless calls and emails, but it is never a wise decision, for they will continue to contact you until the alleged debt is paid. Of course, there is a great possibility that the collections account is put in error; however, it could also be yours. If this the case and you have ignored their calls, it could further damage your credit score.

Record your calls and do not give personal information over the phone.

From when the agency first contacted you, do not delete your call records. This is because if push comes to shove, you might have to settle your case in court, and you can use the calls made as important evidence. You also have to avoid excessive talking and giving any personal information through the phone.

You can ask for a written letter with details about the debt they are saying that you owe, instead.

Confirm the debt information.

Remember to ask for a debt validation letter requesting the agency to give you a detailed report of the debt they want you to pay. This must include details about who the original creditor was and how much money you borrowed. 

You can write to dispute the debt or request more information within 30 days from when you first received the validation letter. If you can’t dispute it otherwise, the collector will assume that the debt is valid.

Know your legal rights.

When it comes to collection agencies, you must always bring with you your legal rights. You might have experienced being contacted by an agency, and when you ask for more details, they keep you in the dark. Sometimes, they might even call you early in the AM and late in the PM. Also, there could be times when they keep on contacting you, even when you already have put in a written request asking them to stop.

These are forms of harassment and are punishable by law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Seek legal advice.

Although there are other options when you can personally negotiate and pay the agency to remove the account in your credit report, sometimes doing so might put you in more trouble. The wisest decision you can make when dealing with a collection agency is to get professional help. This way, you can know what to do, how to do it, and be guided in the process.


Handling a collection agency like Credence Resource Management is indeed terrifying if you don’t know what to do. Before doing anything, make sure that you are equipped with enough knowledge about the company, and never forget to get help from experts appropriate for the job.


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