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Why Music Marketing is Essential for Artists

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Traditionally, marketing of music was frowned upon by most musical artists. 

Most serious and talented musicians took pride in their creativity and talent and believed a good  piece of art was always assured of being received favourably. Good music marketed itself. This was true and worked most of the time. What music marketing went on to do was carried out by recording companies. The scenario has changed.

Music creation has become a high tech business and the number of musical works of art being churned out daily is staggering. Technology has made it possible and easy for anyone to create and record music. It’s also very easy for illegal recording and piracy. All this has made it imperative for artists to find clever ways of marketing their music online. Jaynike is a leading Agency for Music Marketing, and they can help you make it in this industry. We will look at how music marketing can be done successfully and why music marketing is important for artists.

Music Marketing Helps you Target your Fans

Different musical genres have different fan bases. By different fan bases here is meant the fans who are devoted to a particular musical genre can be classified by certain common characteristics they have in common. Some of these common characteristics include age group or generation, for example, Hip-Hop has most of its adherents in the under 30s age group and Jazz attracts the older people. Another common characteristic is geographical location. For example rhumba is most popular in Central Africa whilst the so-called hip-hop is most  palatable to the younger generations in North America and Western Europe. The point is, know who is likely to enjoy your type of music, where they live, what their average income is. Only if you know this can you start building up an effective marketing strategy for your music because then you know who you are targeting.

Competitive Edge

One big advantage why music marketing is essential these days is the edge it gives you over your competitors . It’s a vastly changed world from the one it was 40 or 50 years ago when record labels like Virgin and Talent Scouts had to attend live shows in search of promising talent. Now they do talent hunting online, like on the internet. If your songs are not there you lose out. Think of social media platforms like Spotify, where you can also market your music. So it is vitally important for musicians to hire marketing professionals to market their work online if they can’t do it themselves. They have the professional expertise in marketing and they have the right contacts in media circles and can influence journalists to cover your work and spread good words about your work. 

Internet’s Wide Reach

For any musician the main objective is to widen the client base and the fan base. Today, hundreds of millions of people have access to the internet, amongst them millions of ardent music lovers. It would be a very naïve musician indeed who ignores the marketing potential of the internet for his music. In addition to the online marketing there are other social media online platforms and also email marketing available for musicians to take advantage of and showcase their talents to a global audience.

Residual Effect

One of the beautiful things about music online marketing is what one might call the residual also known as continual effect. Any content posted on blogs and other online platforms during promotional campaigns will remain there and remain visible to users/music fans long after the promotional campaign is over. 

Cost Effectiveness

Compared to other marketing methods, music online marketing requires  much less start up capital than the traditional marketing campaigns we know.


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