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5 Tips on How to Maintain the Spice of a Relationship During the Pandemic

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Being in a relationship and maintaining one, especially in the trying times, can be very difficult and challenging. It takes a lot of adjustments, taking up a new course, and constant poking of the coal of desirability to keep the heat of the relationship burning. Or else, everything will be stagnant, and your relationship will only end up as a routine.

When a relationship becomes a routine, you will eventually find yourself weighing a burden of doing things merely out of duty, not out of love, as a partner. You will grow tired of the things that used to excite you as a couple. And thus, you will see yourselves not compromising enough for each other.

And you don’t want that to happen, do you? Especially now, in the times of the pandemic, when everyone is having a hard time. As a couple, the company of each other gives comfort. And the only way to maintain that comfort is to spice up your relationship by enjoying things together. What are these things? Here’s a list that you might want to try:

Explore Other Types of Sex Positions 

While sex can bring pleasure and happiness to our human body, sex can also come off as dull, dry, and routinely when you play the same position each time. That is why exploring new techniques, and types of sex positions is a must if you want to add zest to your relationship. And trust me, there with sex positions, there’s always a new style to discover and try out!
All you have to do is to do some readings and research about them. Decide which positions are doable by you and your partner. Study how to execute them properly. And finally, explore them in bed slowly until your body gets used to the position and reach the climactic pleasure that your body is aching to obtain.


Talk About Your Future

As an individual, imagining and making plans about the future can take you to cloud 9. You explore possibilities and create scenarios in your head that are usually in your favor. And that is only as an individual. How much more if you begin talking openly about your imagined future to your partner and add some of their imagination to yours?
You won’t believe the crazy and funny ideas both of you can come up together! You will end up laughing while hoping that both of you can live that imagined future together. And you can! If you both compromise and teamwork your way towards achieving it.

Comprehend Each Other’s Sentiments

Communication is futile without comprehension. For any relationship to work, a couple should learn how to communicate and comprehend each other’s sentiments and feelings accurately.
Sentiments do not always come off as words but also through actions. Be familiar with your partner’s body language and always ask how they were and what they feel. Take time to understand. And in return, communicate your feelings openly towards your partner. There shouldn’t be a space for sugarcoating and lies, to avoid breaking each other’s trust.

Try a New Hobby

You and your partner’s interests, hobbies, and means of entertainment are not always the same. There are things that he/she loves that you don’t fancy. And there are things that you enjoy doing that they can’t afford to waste time doing. So, how do you compromise to get in each other’s space?
The answer is to explore and try things that are new to both of you. Board games, reading, watching anime, art-appreciation, painting, laughing at memes, etc. are just some of those things. And when you finally find that thing that both of you enjoy doing, make it a new hobby. 

Flirt With Each Other Through Social Media

If you and your lover are not currently living under the same roof and are currently physically separated because of the pandemic, this tip is the best thing that both of you should try.
Aside from consistently chatting and video calling, try tagging each other to funny memes and videos. That way, you will feel that you are laughing at the same thing even when you are away from each other. Also, while chatting, try sending flirtatious and daring messages towards each other to cope with the physical struggle of missing each other.


Whether you and your partner live under the same roof during the pandemic or not, you’ve got to spice up your relationship to dodge the possibility of losing each other. Love is not always enough to save a relationship. But it always needs nurturing, honesty, trust, and teamwork to prosper.
The tips introduced above are just a few to follow. And they are always doable. But do not mistake them as a duty to fulfill, but rather as a guide to making things pleasant for you and your partner.


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