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Four Modern Engagement Ring Options

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Making it through the last two years, couples have either called it quits, or they’re thinking about making the big jump into the world of matrimony. While many parts of the marriage planning process can feel overwhelming, shopping for the perfect ring for your fiance shouldn’t be one of them. You can take many non-traditional routes to save money or make a personal statement when shopping.

But, if you know your sweetheart will be counting on a real diamond, there are some modern engagement ring options out there that will wow them and still show some swag while honoring tradition. Let’s take a look at some of your options when it comes to shopping for what will likely be the most important piece of jewelry you ever buy. 

East-West Settings 

East-West settings have hit the bridal scene in the last year or two, and they are gaining traction fast! These beautiful modern rings are where you take a traditional solitaire stone setting and turn it on its side. Not only does this give you an incredibly chic new twist on tradition, but it can also help you in another area. When you turn the stone to sit sideways, it makes the stone appear larger than it would in its typical upright setting. East-West is incredibly flattering if you’re going with a marquise, pear, opal, or emerald diamond cut stone. If your bride-to-be is a traditionalist but stays up to current trends, you’ll knock it out of the park if you go with this setting.

While not every jeweler sells this in-store, you can find them easily online as they’re still newer. If you’re wary of making such a large purchase over the internet and want to make sure you’re getting a quality stone, you can either take your online purchase to be appraised and certified after receiving it; or you can buy a loose stone and have a local jeweler set your stone East-West style for you.

New Takes on Classics 

Dainty classics like princess cuts or cushion cut engagement rings are very “in” now. Consider a princess or cushion cut if you think of your girl like the queen she is, and she always has an air of romance and femininity about her. You can make these traditional cuts more modern by having them put in a halo setting or flanking them with colored stones like emerald or sapphire baguettes. These diamond cuts are classics because they’ve stood the test of time in trend and beauty – making them something that will look amazing for decades to come. 

Salt & Pepper Diamonds 

While your girl may want an authentic diamond, it may not be in your price range or budget. If she’s a modern and non-traditionalist kind of girl, though, your answer could be found in the Salt and Pepper diamonds. These striking stones are given their name for their grayish color and the flecks of black and white throughout. They look phenomenal, set in either yellow or white gold.

The money you save on your center stone being Salt and Pepper can allow you to do a halo of traditional white diamonds around the rock or have the entire band covered in small conventional diamonds. These engagement ring stones will be making serious waves in 2022, and you can expect to see many brides wearing them, even if they’re engaged to wealthy men.

Heart-Shaped Stones

Once considered corny or juvenile, heart-shaped diamonds are making a profound mark on the engagement ring circuit right now. We live in a world where it’s alright to be considered extra, and fashion-forward people are envied by the people they walk by instead of questioned as they may have been in the past. If your girl is romantic and somewhat playful, a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a sweet and thoughtful choice. If she’s a girly girl, you could even go with a pink diamond and do some traditional white diamonds in a side setting.

Choosing engagement rings should be a fun experience, especially if you’re a fashion or art-minded individual. Be sure to consider your partner’s tastes and aesthetics, and you’ll be golden. Don’t forget to plan the perfect proposal after finding the perfect ring – Congratulations!


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