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5th Wheel Hitch and its Types

Sailun Tires

Anyone related to towing must be familiar with a 5th wheel hitch but for those who are not, it鈥檚 a type of towing system to tow medium to heavy weights. Their greatest advantage is the stability they provide over the traditional bar design used for towing by placing the load of the trailer along the rear axle of the towing vehicle. It allows the trailers, and campers to be securely fixed to the rear end of the truck enabling them to tow heavy weights with minimum risk of breaking free.聽

One feature that distinguishes them from the traditional tow bar design is that they are designed to attach to the truck bed instead of the rear bumper. Their placement near the rear axle of the truck provides them the stability that the bumper attached mechanism can not provide. It is this attachment point that plays the fat part and makes the towing of heavy-duty weights possible. The hitch plates like the top-of-the-line T10 5th wheel hitch plate are designed to absorb the bumps and jolts without letting the tension pass onto the truck or camper, ensuring a smooth riding experience. Additionally, they are easier to calibrate, install and control while on the road without any serious assistance.聽

The whole mechanism of the 5th wheel hitch revolves around the kingpin as it locks the receiving hitch with the truck hitch. Because of the stability and reliability it provides, 5th wheel hitches are highly recommended for towing campers, trailers, or any other heavy-duty setup.


The basic function of 5th wheel hitches remains the same, the only distinction lies with the heavy metal cylinder called the kingpin. The main difference between different types of hitches is judged by their noisiness as the movement between the kingpin and the coupler tends to produce noises which sometimes increases the cabin noise.


Gooseneck Hitch

They are unique for setups with gooseneck adapters. In addition to being lightweight, they leave sufficient space in the back of the truck as they don鈥檛 take up all the space, unlike their contemporaries. Also, their weight distribution is entirely different from 5th wheelers.

Slide Bar Hitch

They are the cheapest option and though can be used, are not recommended. The kingpin is not secured enough which produces irritable noises. Well, you get what you pay for.

Double Jaw Hitch

Double Jaw hitch falls in the medium category. They hold the kingpin firmly that the slide bar hitches and thus are more secure. The noises are fairly less than the slide bars. They are good from value for money point as they provide adequate noise control with fair pricing.

Single Jaw Hitch

These are the only hitches that don鈥檛 allow any movement between the kingpin and the coupler. Arguably, these are the quietest ones available and the riding experience is smoothest too. On the downside, they are the most expensive. But you get what you pay for.


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