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Mexican Artist Gilda Garza is One to Watch

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Known for her sell-out Kings and Queens Art Basel show, Garza’s reputation is starting to spread beyond just the art world.

Born in Sinaloa, one of the most dangerous places in Mexico, Garza’s environment as a young person was full of war and kidnapping of close family members. The tragic events she experienced during in her childhood hugely impacted her work. Through her work, Garza reveals her raw emotions by reaching into the depths of her very soul in order to give life, beauty, and pain to her canvas.

Garza’s career has already reached some impressive heights. In 2017, she became the second artist ever, behind Andy Warhol, to have her artwork featured on the front cover of Playboy Magazine. She was also the first painter to have her work exhibited on the Las Vegas strip.

With her love for art and fashion combined, Garza was honored to have some of her work incorporated into one of a kind Roberto Cavalli piece. Garza has also painted her work on one of Nicole Miller’s designs, a piece that opened the catwalk show at Scottsdale fashion week.

Gilda has gained a huge celebrity following and has painted some notable names at their personal request. Most recently was Snoop Dogg, whom she presented with his portrait on a private yacht party held in her honor. A painting of actress and philanthropist Annalynne McCord was donated to AnnaLynne’s charity together1heart at Gilda’s Hollywood art exhibition. In 2017, she painted the famous Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez, handing him the painting in person before his fight with Julio César Chávez Jr. The painting was later donated to the House of Migrants in Tijuana.

Garza’s Kings and Queens series paid homage to the love that two people feel for each other. Her piece, ‘Queen of Roses’ fetched $60,000 alone. Garza explains, ‘In a relationship, your partner needs to make you feel like a King or Queen. Given all of the images popularized by social media, people often feel disenchanted with themselves. I created the collection to inspire people to pursue love and to surround themselves with people that treat them like the royalty that they are. Growing up, I always saw the way my grandfather treated my grandmother: like a queen and vice versa. The mutual respect for each other fueled their everlasting love and my desire to never settle.’

With exhibitions and events around the corner in Aspen, London, Los Angeles, and New

York, and with collaborations at Scottsdale fashion week, it is set to be a huge year

for Gilda Garza.



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