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Model-Turned-Actress Linda Summer Sets Sights on Action Films

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Linda Summer, a versatile international model and actress, is readying herself to be the next action star. 

She recently appeared in The Kill Room, starring alongside Uma Thurman and Samuel Jackson, which premiered last year. Summer is set to star in the upcoming film, Bloody Rose, featuring Kevin Lutolf. 

Originally from a small town near Dusseldorf, Germany, Summer started her fashion career at 17 on Berlin’s runways. Over the years, she has been prominently involved in advertising campaigns for high-profile brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Urban Outfitters, Lala Berlin, and Michalsky. Additionally, she has appeared on the covers of major fashion publications like Vogue Mexico and Harper’s Bazaar Serbia. Outside her professional life, Summer enjoys outdoor activities as hiking and surfing, as well as playing and following football.  Dedicated to social causes, Summer actively supports organizations such as the National Park Rescue Organization and Keen Los Angeles, which focuses on empowering young individuals with disabilities.

SWAGGER interviewed Summer who excitedly spoke of her entry into Hollywood.

SWAGGER: What was it like to play Charlene, in the The Kill Room, opposite Uma Thurman? 

Linda: I’m playing Uma Thurman’s best friend from back in the days. I’m trying to get a painting from that art gallery she works at. The character was interesting. I’m playing this art collector, a little bit of an older version of myself. I was very nervous, because it was my first big movie with big actors. I had a speaking role with her. 

SWAGGER: What was Uma like to hang around with?

Linda: She introduced herself to me, the first time I saw her. And she was like, “Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be okay. You got this.” That was helpful. Because I feel like you never really know because, especially if they’re that big, how they’re gonna act towards you. 

SWAGGER: You began modelling at 16 years old. How did you first get started?

Linda: I’m from a very small town in Germany. One of my best friends was modeling already. And she was signed with an agency in Berlin. And she asked me to come on a photo shoot, and maybe just try it out? 

And she sent the pictures of that photo shoot to her agency in Berlin. It was right before the Fashion Week started. And they got back to me right away. They wanted to sign me at Fashion Week! A week later, they flew me into Berlin, and I was walking my first fashion show, which was crazy. 

I moved to Berlin pretty quick. My modeling agency would send me to different places like Greece, and Spain, and I would always be there for like two or three months, and would model there and then come back to Berlin. When I was 21, I got signed with an agency in New York, MSA Models, now called State Management.

SWAGGER: How did you transition from modeling to acting?

Linda: So I started studying acting almost three years ago. I needed another challenge, because modeling is quite boring. I tried stage combat for the first time, and I was like, right away, that’s my thing. I want to focus on action movies. That’s just like my passion now. And I love doing it. 

SWAGGER: What advice would you have for somebody who wants to go into modeling?

Linda: Don’t take anything personally. Because that’s what really pushed me down. You have to be a very strong personality in order to survive. 

SWAGGER: What’s your health regimen? 

Linda: I work out a lot. I go hiking, surfing, inline skates, heated yoga, which is very good for my flexibility, especially when I do fighting scenes. It’s important because otherwise, if you’re not flexible, you can really hurt yourself. 

SWAGGER: Who is your acting role model?

Linda: Angelina Jolie. I think her action movies are amazing. She’s a great actor. Her charity work is also amazing. I see myself hopefully being in more action movies. I’m currently doing my motorcycle license too. I love Harley Davidson. My mom actually had one too. But I think my first bike is gonna be a Ducati the scrambler like a small one. I think it’s good to start with especially they’re pretty heavy. So that’s going to be hopefully in my future.

SWAGGER: What’s a dream acting project that you might want to do?

Linda: To play opposite Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible film. 
He does his own stunts, it’s crazy.  
I’ll let you know if that ever happens.

For more follow Linda on Instagram @lindasummer_

Photo Credits:  @joshuaburch


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