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Susan Holmes-McKagan — Supermodel- Best Selling Author- Swimwear Designer

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Susan Holmes- McKagan is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She was a top supermodel in the 90’s and has appeared on prolific covers of Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. She has walked the runway for Versace, Chanel, Prada, Calvin Klein, Valentino, YSL, and Armani among many others.   Susan has also designed a highly successful swimwear line that are worn by A-list celebrities. The line has also been featured in numerous issues of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions.

Susan found love with Guns N’ Roses founding member and bassist Duff McKagan. In the past 20+ plus years Susan and Duff have raised two beautiful daughters, traveled the globe as well as continuing their very successful careers.

Susan and Duff have also worked with numerous charities including PETA. In recent years, Susan has also been a Huffington Post front page writer/ and continued her modeling throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

A multi-talented woman, Susan  added to her impressive resume by recently releasing her best-selling premiere novel, The Velvet Rose. It is a blend of Almost Famous meets Reality Bites and Spinal Tap, in this compelling and often injected-with-humor, fast-paced fabulous novel. It is loosely based on the life of Susan and Duff and those they encountered in their travels.

The novel has been receiving rave reviews around the globe.  It takes place in the early nineties, Scarlet, a painter, and high fashion model finds herself working in some of the world’s most famous fashion capitals. As her adventure continues, she meets Johnny of The Westies, an up-and-coming band on the cusp of superstardom. What ensues is an unhinged ride of a novel following the audacious lead female protagonist as she navigates her life through fame, addiction, infidelity, and all the ups and downs of dating a legendary musician from one of the biggest rock bands in history. A riveting and heartfelt journey of figuring out one’s own path and championing that aspect to finding their dreams.

Rich in spirit and relatable for all those who have ever had the courage to chase their dreams and pursue an unconventional path in this glorious world. A page turner, frequently injected with laugh-out-loud humor, front row seat of fun debut that is being heralded as the earnest generation of authenticity of a nineties voyage.

This Rocks! Five Stars- Caroline V.

Great book written by a chick who knows fashion (as a supermodel in the early 90s) and rock n’ roll ( as wife to Gn’R bassist Duff Mckagen)this book really rocks both worlds- fun ride, well written, great humor! What can I say u gotta read it!!!!

Rock n Roll Love story! Five Stars- Kathy L.

I loved it! Any girl who loves Rock n Roll and has fantasized about dating the band will love this book! I hope Susan is just getting started with her writing career.

Looooved!  J.A.


This book was so fun! I’ve recommended it as a great poolside/ vaca read for all of my gf’s. Can’t wait to see what’s next from this new author.

The Velvet Rose is a must read everyone will enjoy.

Check out Susan on Instagram: SusanHolmesMcKagan

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