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Marta Barczok: Instagram Goddess

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It doesn’t take more than a quick peek at her Instagram page to realize that you’ve stumbled onto someone special. That someone, is Marta Barczok. A full-time accounts manager and part-time model. She is known for presenting information on motivation, working out, and clean eating. She’s a native of Poland, from a very small town, and has always had big dreams.

Although she is more well-known for her Instagram account, she is also an avid supporter of her national football team of Poland. She was first seen by many people as part of a documentary on football on television, although she has also been seen promoting different brand name products.

She was once photographed by the paparazzi, and this was how her fame started to spread throughout Europe. Her support of the Polish National team, and subsequent modeling gigs, led to her becoming the social powerhouse she is today.

We had an opportunity to speak with her and if you are a current fan you’ll find out some of her secrets. If you aren’t a fan, you’ll find out why she’s a social icon to follow.

Name: Marta Barczok
Measurements: 90-66-103
Profession: part time model, full time accounts manager
Instagram: martabarczok.official
twitter: @barczok_marta
youtube: Marta Barczok
fb: Marta Barczok and Marta Barczok -> Clean eating and workout motivation
Followers on social media: 258k
Current Career Project: : it’s a secret so keep following me to find out more
Upcoming Career Project: : it’s a secret so keep following me to find out more
Next Media Appearance: finally football is back after long break, so I am coming back to stadiums, to support National Team of Poland, also I plan to make my second song and music video for the summer, after success of my debut track” Twoje zdrowie”, which you can check out on youtube.

Photography: Bart Pajak (BTS Talent) @bartpajak Model: Marta Barczok @martabarczok.official Make-up and hair: Martyna Parzniewska @martynamua Styling: Paulina Gzik @paulinagzik_stylist

Suit – Catriona Hanly
Necklaces – Joomay
Rings – Tiana Jewel
Earrings – Zara  

Where are you right now?

I have a few exciting projects to come; a few weeks ago, I started a workout challenge which involves a regime to get in the best shape and for better positive mind set and uplifting energy, which I am doing alongside healthy eating. I even created the Facebook page to show my journey and share motivation with others. You can follow me there for guidance, motivation and everyday food ideas. Working a full-time job and keeping healthy can be difficult which is why I love to help people and show them its possible. Everything starts with the mindset.

Tell us a bit about yourself, dreams aspirations before you started on your journey to fame.

I was born in Poland, in a small town. I always had big dreams. Even as a child I loved being in the centre of interest. When I was six years old, I recorded my first album. It was on my grandmother’s tape recorder, covers of a well-known polish band. I imagined then, that I was super famous, and I pretended I was in TV shows for interviews. I also loved to cook, I pretended to run my own cooking shows.  In those days, such programs were not as popular as they are now. Then I went to High School and spent all my time studying. As soon as I turned 18, I decided to leave my city. I went to another country, to Great Britain. To this day I live in the capital, London. When I first came to London, I did not speak much English, now I run the accounts department in one of the biggest companies in West London.

In 2016 I went to France for UEFA Euro 2016 to support my National Football Team of Poland, where they done a great job, and played very well. During the first match with Republic of Ireland, I was photographed by paparazzi and straight away photos of me went viral in the whole of Europe. Instantly I was given the title of ‘the most beautiful supporter of Polish National team’. I immediately received numerous job offers, recognition and invitations. In just a few days I made money for the first time for promoting a brand. Almost a month later I was on the cover of “CKM” Magazine. Since then I’ve gone into modelling too. I collaborated with Este Rap in his music video “Zlota Madam”, which you can check out on YouTube. Last year I went to support my team in Russia, where I was treated like a star. The Russian Tv & Match TV, made a documentary series about football and I was in one of the episodes. I even created and recorded a song to support my team, which you can check out on my YouTube channel. During the first match with Senegal, FIFA posted a photo of me on their official Instagram account (they have 12.5m followers)> During the second and third match I was shown live during the match. I remember my Instagram went crazy, people from all over the whole world were texting me that they saw me live in tv during the match.  So far, I have achieved all my goals and dreams, time to set new ones. I am brave, I like challenges and new situations. I do not like boredom, I cannot stay without a challenge, I love excitement. I always fight for my goals, I work hard for them, that helps me on my journey.

You’ve got over 258K followers. Do you remember when you had just 1 follower? How did you get from here to there? What were some of the daily secrets that helped you grow such a following?

Sure! I posted my first pictures on 18th June 2016, they are still on my wall, you can clearly see that I had no clue how to upload pictures on Instagram, I cut half of my face lol It is important to regularly add posts and talk to your followers. I know that a lot of people buy followers or likes, I have never done that. I do not care about numbers, but I care about real people who appreciate my efforts. To grow your account its important to be yourself, not pretend to be anyone else. Unfortunately, on social media especially on Instagram many people lie, showing a false reality, posting unreal pictures of themselves. You need to be honest with your followers if you’re not you will fail. I am, I respect my followers and I am really appreciating they are with me, on my journey; I think that’s my success.

How do you manage your feed? Do you have people who help you keep it fresh and updated?

I run my Instagram by myself. I cannot imagine that a company or someone else would run it for me. The number of my followers are growing and continuously increasing daily.  I was in shock myself that so many people want to know so much about me and they are interested in my life, my trips, that they find motivation from me, on my page. I am very happy, and I am grateful, that these people are with me in the virtual world. My Instagram profile was created in 2016 just after the UEFA Euro 2016 in France, I was called the most beautiful fan of the Polish National Football Team, and my photos went viral all over Europe, which helped me a lot in becoming popular.

What do you charge now for a sponsor to get you to post something for them? What’s the best way to get in touch with you for something like that?

The best will be to contact me via email on with the job offer. Every job is different, so it must be considered. I do big and small collaboration so rates will vary.

Dress – Stella McCartney Earings – MAYU

We get submissions for models daily wanting to be in a magazine or just find work. Do you have any tips they likely wouldn’t find anywhere else?

Of course! I think that it is very important not to give up, to always believe in yourself and your potential. If someone refuses your first, second or third offer/casting, do not give up, apparently you found people who are looking for someone else, knock on the next door. Never lose hope, work hard for the goals you set. Work on yourself to be better at what you do and what you want to achieve. Also don’t worry about hate or negative comments you might receive from others, be yourself, love yourself and don’t give up.

Are you currently single? And looking?

I receive this question hundreds times every day lol , I’m sorry! I’m married.

What are some things a guy can do to get someone of your calibre? Especially when there are so many men competing for your attention.

Everything depends on his character, what kind sense of humour he has, I do not like conceited men and those who pretend to be someone else just to impress a woman. A man must be confident, but sensitive, he must have good manners. He must be my support. There are many aspects, my list is very long lol

What are some of your hobbies? When would be the ideal place when you are out for a guy to approach you?

I go to strip club with my partner in my free time. I believe in having a friendship in a relationship. That’s why something, my partner will do with his friends we will do with me too. We go clubbing on Saturday night in London, where many people recognize me but I love to meet my fans and followers. Everyone is so different and I love that.

What makes you feel sexy?

Flirting will be the first thing that makes me feel sexy. I think words, conversation and
body language is the best way to instantly feel sexy and the sexy teddy lingerie of course. I like to play games or dress up to turn my partner on. I am very confident and I love calling the shots.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Some? Lol, my list is very long, are you ready?

I eat healthy most of the time but cannot say no to ice-creams, I will eat the full huge tube in one go. When I am alone in the kitchen, I pretend that I have my own cooking show. I fall asleep in front of the television, as soon as the film starts. I buy the same new item just in different colours. Also, I have few naughty guilty pleasures, but will keep them as a secret. 😉

What was the most romantic gift you have ever gotten?

For me a romantic gift doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. It just has to be thoughtful and unique, I once got a fax to my work from my lover with the most beautiful confession, I was very touched then and I am sure that I will remember to the end of life. So please believe me the best gifts are usually the simplest and most emotionally honest gifts.

What is something you’ve learned since becoming famous that you wish someone had told you?

That not everyone is honest, and they don’t always have good intentions. I am myself, a kind person who loves to help others, unfortunately on my way I’ve met few people who were not friendly to me, or those who wanted to use my positions for their success. Now I learned my lesson and I can sense two face people straight away.

Do you read the comments?

Of course, I read all comments, I love them, I love to have contact with my followers, many times I ask them questions under my picture, and I read every single response. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer to all comments or like them, just because Instagram blocks such actions.

Where haven’t you been that you would like to go?

Blouse – Zara

My biggest dream is to visit America, I would like to stay there for few months and visit all different states and countries. I think America have a culture that is unique and inviting.  I seen lots of pictures in magazine and online and it just looks amazing.

What’s the most insane thing you’ve done on a shoot?

When we were recording a clip for my music video “Twoje zdrowie”, one of the scenes was created on motorbikes. It was my first time when I was driving on Harley bike. I felt great and sexy. We had a fixed route of passage but me and my driver fled from the group and we went on the ride, everyone was looking for us and we had a great time.

First thing you see when you look at a guy?

First things I always check are nails and shoes. If he doesn’t care about his appearance, he probably doesn’t care about maintaining most things in his life. Also, the size of his nose of course. We all know why.

How does it feel to be influential to other people?

I feel this as a big responsibility to be influential to other people. I want to spread body positivity and a different mind set to people around the world, to understand that beauty is within us and loving yourself is one of the most important things that we can do to for ourselves in our life. Everyday people try to bring down and spread hate in my comments however I am a living example that hate makes you stronger.

If Steven Spielberg were to film a biography film on your life, who would you want to play you in the movie?

That would be fascinating, I think, this movie would be very interesting and had a lot of views. Hmmm, maybe I should write a biography book…. I think that many people would find a lot of motivation that a lot can be achieved in life, no matter what your start is. I would like to show people that it is not so difficult to achieve it and it is worth working hard and setting real goals. Back to the question… I do not have to think for a long time. It would be Elizabeth Hurley more generally known as Liz Hurley, an English actress and model, many people write to me that we look alike, do you agree with that?

Where can fans/followers expect to see you next?

Finally, national football is coming back after long break, so you can expect to see me on the stadium, supporting team of Poland. In March my fans will be able to see me cheering my national team during matches with Austria and then Latvia.  Now I am working on two projects, one is related to my trip to Italy in May, at the moment I cannot reveal the details of this cooperation, you have to wait for them until May.


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