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Job Relocation: Getting yourself Organized

When you work in the corporate world, things can change quickly. Many companies have locations around the globe. Depending on the role you play, you may be a candidate for relocation. This can often come with some great perks, and even a promotion. At the very least, it may be a great opportunity to spend some time in another country. The challenge with this is getting organized. You may not have a lot of time once the decision has been made. You may have to prepare to move yourself only, or your entire family for a long-term assignment. There are several tactics to get things under control.


You’re Current Home


You must decide what to do with the home you are currently living in. If you are renting an apartment or house, it is an easy decision. Most people do not want to pay rent in two different places. The company however, may be paying living expenses in the new location if it is short-term. If you live somewhere where it is difficult to find an affordable rental, you may want to hold on to yours for when you return. If you are moving permanently, you are going give up your lease and sell a home that you own.


Home owners have some different options if they are not ready to sell their home. You can let a family member of friends move in to care for it while you are gone. This also allows you to leave all of your belongings in the home, minimizing your packing. Many people also rent their home out while they are away. You can leave the large furniture items and advertise as a furnished rental if you are not moving everything out.


All that Stuff


When you think of packing up all of your items and relocating miles away, you may suddenly realize you have thousands of little things you do not need. Many things we use every day can be purchased anywhere. Start separating things like pictures and family heirlooms. It is worth it to have these items shipped or transported to your new location. It is often surprising how much stuff we accumulate, even when living in an apartment. Start categorizing your items to donate, sell, or give to friends and family. Sometimes it costs more to ship items than to purchase them new when you arrive at the new destination.




There are some items that are valuable and should be saved. This is your last category of items. They either hold a large monetary value or are of sentimental value. You may have all of your grandfather’s woodworking tools, for example. You may also have vintage furniture that has been passed down through several generations. If you only have a few boxes of photos or a few paintings, you may be able to store these at a friend’s house. Larger items may need to go into a self-storage unit. There are some great options for storage units in Orlando. There are climate controlled units to keep delicate items, like pictures, from becoming ruined.



When you get organized you can begin to focus on the important task of you knew job assignment. Don’t let clutter keep you from enjoying a move to an exciting location. Leave most of your items in the family home if you plan to return. You can also sell items you do not need and find a place to store valuable heirlooms. You can be ready for the trip before you know it.


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