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Let PrivateFly upgrade your Travel Game

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Let PrivateFly upgrade your Travel Game

Flying by private jet is the most comfortable, efficient, and personable way to travel. At PrivateFly, they aim to provide you with the most memorable, unique experience imaginable

Commercial flights can be uncomfortable and unpredictable; PrivateFly makes everything easy. We’ve compiled a list of tips to aid in making your journey even more effortless – ask your flight adviser about any of our top tips below:


Good Eats

PrivateFly can sort together delicious catering options to ensure your taste buds have a great flight of their own! Check out their blog post about how different flavors change at various altitudes and  cabin pressures.


Sweet Dreams

If you need a quick nap, your flight adviser can make it so you have a bed prepared for your flight so that you can drift off as soon as you take off. For instance, the Phenom 300 typically seats 6 people, but with a request can be assembled to hold 2 beds.


Pre-arranged transportation

Instead of waiting for an Uber or catching a taxi, allow your flight adviser to arrange transportation for your trip to and from the airport to guarantee a worry-free transfer.



If you have a thirst for a particular liquor or beverage your flight adviser  available on your flight; toast yourself with a glass of champagne on a Gulfstream G650 for a special occasion or request your favorite bourbon to be on board.


Consider a larger aircraft

Though your flight adviser has probably went over various aircraft options with you to accommodate your group size, there may be other options that could potentially make your flight more comfortable. For instance, choosing an aircraft with a taller cabin or separate galley may better fit a long-range route.


PrivateFly always aims to create a comfortable, safe, enjoyable, and effortless journey for you – including extra upgrades that could drastically improve your experience.

Born and raised in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Kyle is a college graduate from New Jersey City University who majored in media arts, studied journalism, marketing, and public relations. In his time since graduation, he has become the brand representative and head stylist for an urban clothing line (Only 1 Freedom), as well as worked with the premier brand management company in the world (Iconix Brand Group). In addition to this, he's currently a freelance model, photographer, stylist, and most recently, an editorial assistant and fashion contributor for two publications.



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