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Carol Collins And Her Ability To Connect You With Loved Ones In Spirit, Past Lives and Future Lives

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Meet Carol Collins. She is the original channel for the Jeshua Collective and is also referred to as The Pittsburgh Medium.

The Jeshua Collective, that Collins is the original channel for, is made up of Jeshua, James, and Seth. They are knowledgeable yet non-physical guides that use Carol as a channel to communicate their words of wisdom.

When talking about the Jeshua Collective, Carol explains how 鈥淛eshua is the collective of nonphysical Teachers that speak through me. They are gentle, wise, straightforward yet compassionate. With pin-pointed accuracy, they know what you need to know and how to bring clarity to your life.鈥

Collins is on a mission to share with others the valuable knowledge of the Jeshua Collective. One of the many ways Carol does such is through her Readings and Attunements.


Outlining her Readings and Attunements, Collins explains how: 鈥淛eshua guides you on any topic that is important to you and will also connect you with your guides and loved ones. They know what you are manifesting, why and how to get you on a better path. They call it 鈥榮tructured guidance鈥 and it lays out a plan for you, often with timelines, predictions, and options for you to consider. It is step-by-step instructional advice to help you make significant changes.鈥

Carol鈥檚 Readings and Attunements are available both in a private or a group session. Her private sessions enable clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn the most effective practices to help them heal. Private sessions are available to all, no matter the distance. Her private appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long.

In Carol’s group sessions, she explains 鈥淗ave Jeshua identify your personal intuitive abilities often with validation of what you received previously, private teaching on law of attraction and how to manifest things differently or faster or connect you with your guide to answer any question you have for them.鈥 Although these group sessions are in person only, Carol is willing to travel when needed.

Carol outlined how the Jeshua Collective helps her clients to connect with loved ones who are no longer physically present. These connections can play an important role during challenging times.

Carol also runs and offers her workshops. Attending these workshops allows people to be immersed in conversation with the Jeshua Collective. Carol explained how during the course of the workshop, The Jeshua Collective remains present throughout to offer their knowledge and advice to everyone involved.

Carol鈥檚 retreats are another way of connecting with The Jeshua Collective. The next upcoming retreat takes place this July 15-17 in Sedona, Arizona. The retreat is described as 鈥渁 weekend to heal your life of unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories that stop you from getting what you want – abundance in all things plus what your Higher Self wants – a clear connection to them.鈥

To learn more visit Carol鈥檚 website at


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