Can Muhammed Karagoz, Represent United States in the International Modeling Competition

The modeling industry is a profession that, for many young people, is a short career, just a
few years of success before being displaced off the fashion business and advertising
industry by the new generations. This is not the case of Can Muhammed Karagoz, the
famous Turkish-American model, resident of New York, who is celebrating another year as
a model reference for younger generations.

Mr. Can Muhammed Karagoz has in his professional record some of the most honorable
hits that an American model can accomplish. And it is that, within his list of honors, we
need to mention that he have represented the United States in the International Modeling
Competition, a space where Can Muhammed Karagoz managed to stand out and be a star
representative of the country.

Link below Can Muhammed Karagoz walking the runway with an American flag

In addition to representing the United States, Can Muhammed Karagoz has modeled for
the most important fashion houses and clothing brands in the world, such as working with
technical designer of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. There has been no prestigious
fashion show that has not counted with his participation. Looking for some examples of the
fashion shows? Well, the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week, the Paris
Fashion Week, the Milan Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week are part of the list,
because the number of fashion shows around the world who have counted with Can
Muhammed Karagoz is very long.

Can Muhammed Karagoz participating in fashion shows all around the world.
(Photo Courtesy of Google images)

Among all his successes as a professional model, we also can be witnesses of the humility
he has maintained throughout his career. Always acting with his feet on the ground, Can
Muhammed Karagoz offers tutoring, training and capacitation to all the young people who
aspire to get a career like his. In the professional world, where being consistent with your
effort and professionalism is a much appreciated value, the opportunity to learn about the
work ethic and modeling techniques of Can Muhammed Karagoz is a unique opportunity
for the new generations.

(Photo Courtesy of Google images)

His efforts to offer the best of himself to modeling, fashion houses and his co-workers have
earned him a constant exposition and recognition in the media. To this date, Can
Muhammed Karagoz has made special appearances at television and social media
events, and has posed for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines on the market.
Article about Can Muhammed Karagoz in the NMB Fashion Magazine.

(Image courtesy of the NMB Fashion Magazine
Photographer: Marc Spencer
Make Up Artist: Kasia Marnik)

Despite the success Can Muhammed Karagoz already accumulates, it looks that the
future is going to shine even more for a man who enjoys what he does, who feels a true
passion for modeling, and who has served as a source of inspiration for young people
who, inside and outside the United States, dream to follow his footsteps

Just as many renowned public figures have received their support and friendship, Can
Muhammed Karagoz, in his role as guide and teacher, is permanently available to all
people who wish to learn the art of modeling, and who aspire to one day, like their tutor, to
participate in the best fashion shows in the world, such as the New York Fashion Week
and the London Fashion Week.
Instagram: @canmkaragoz


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