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Ten Reasons Why You Need Winter Tires

Sailun Tires

In a perfect world, we’d have a tire that would provide proper support and balance all year long. You know, something that is designed to withstand the heat of summer but can still keep a car controlled on snowy roads. Yeah, there is such a thing as all-season tires, but most sensible drivers should recognize that they are not exactly the best choice when temperatures dip down below 7 degrees Celsius or colder.

Unfortunately, all-season tires are quite popular. And to be perfectly honest, it’s easy to see why. They generally offer versatile performance and seem like less work. Most cars come equipped with all-season tires, which is a suitable choice for Spring, Summer and Fall.

But hey, even science tells us that all-season tires simply won’t do for those who drive in regions hit with extreme winter conditions including cold, snow and ice.

Your tires are meant to keep your car in control as you move from one place to another. Winter tires have specialized rubber compounds and specialized tread designs that allow for improved braking performance and control. They are made to maintain better traction even in snowy conditions.

“All-season tires are more of a compromise, as they tend to go rigid and lose grip in lower temperatures. This will make it difficult to stay in control of your vehicle as you stop, turn, and accelerate. As soon as the temperature goes below 7°C you should consider changing to winter tires in order to benefit from the increased traction, braking and handling they provide. Winter tires, like the popular Sailun Iceblazer lineup are specifically engineered to stay soft and malleable even as temperatures drop to deliver better traction and safety in all types of cold weather conditions,” says Mark Pereira, Marketing & Communications Manager at Sailun Tire.

Choosing not to use a dedicated set of good winter tires during a snowy season when road accidents are more common is just like passing on a car’s critical safety features. Really, wouldn’t it be nice to make it up hills even on cold snowy days? Or to just keep going and reach your destination safely when others can’t even leave their driveways?

In case you need more convincing, here are the top ten reasons why you might want to consider investing in a set of winter tires.

  • It’s for your own peace of mind and your family’s safety


There’s simply no other way of saying it: Winter tires can spell the difference between life and death. Yeah, it might seem more expensive to buy them mounted and store them between seasons, but most shops offer storage services and you can’ put a price on the peace of mind and safety winter tires provide. Clearly, you should always be extra cautious when you are driving in cold weather conditions, but having winter tires give you one less thing to think about. They are arguably the most important safety feature of any vehicle for winter driving.

Now, even if you’re already to winter tires, you can still go the extra mile and make your daily driving experience a bit safer by adjusting a few things. Keep in mind that in the wintertime, everything takes slower and longer. You need to be very careful when it comes to turning and stopping. Be aware of your surroundings and other drivers, plus try to look farther down the road to help you avoid potential road hazards or debris.



  • You do need greater vehicle control


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an additional training program for those of us who have to drive in the snow during wintertime? Ice and snow tend to make driving a more difficult and dangerous experience. A lot of things feel completely different. You need the right hardware to help you stay in control of your vehicle.

The traction and grippiness of all-season tires (and anything else that’s not designed for winter) tend to decrease as the temperature goes down. This means it’s harder to maintain control and stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, winter tires provide you increased grip and traction even on ice. You just get to enjoy more capability. You will feel like you are more in control when you are stopping and turning as well.

And here’s an important reminder. Some people tend to think that it’s okay to just use two winter tire for the car’s driving wheels. This is just wrong. Yes, you only use two wheels for acceleration, but you need to have a good control of all four wheels for braking. If you lose traction of your back wheels on a wet road, it will be like your car is on rollerskates.

  • The right tires for the right vehicles


Today’s winter tires are very different from what were offered 30 years ago. The quality has significantly improved over the years. Plus there are also more options, which allow you to choose something that really matches your vehicle’s needs.

First, let’s talk about studdable winter tires. As the name suggests, these tires offer the option to add winter tire studs in case enhanced traction on ice is needed, much like cleats on soccer shoes. The studs physically dig in and can help improve acceleration and braking. Unfortunately, studded tires can be pretty hard on public roads and may cause damage. Because of this, there are many regions where use is restricted or prohibited. It is important to use them only in places where they are really needed and permitted by law.

Then there are the more popular studless winter tire options. They don’t use studs to dig into the ground but are still able to provide impressive traction in snow and ice through special rubber compounds and winter specific tread patterns. Studless options are best for a majority of drivers who may encounter cold conditions and snow throughout the season.

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle makes such a big difference. For those seeking a value-driven purchase, check out Sailun Tire, the ideal tire brand for drivers who want a great product that won’t break the bank. The Sailun Iceblazer winter tire lineup covers a wide spectrum of popular sizes to meet your winter tire needs.

Currently, there are three available Sailun Iceblazer models in popular sizes for sedans, crossovers, SUVs and coupes. There roster includes the studless Sailun WSL2 and the studdable Sailun WST1, available for virtually any car or crossover. For bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks, there is the studdable Sailun WST2.

It is important to know about the comprehensive range of winter tire products to find something that really matches your needs. Keep in mind that there is usually a low supply and high demand for winter tires during the peak of the season, so try to prepare early to make sure that the one you want is still in stock.


  • It is required by law in some areas


To keep roads safe, some governments have made it a requirement for drivers to use winter cars to always maintain control of their vehicles in winter. This is especially true for areas that often experience frequent snow. In Quebec, for example, winter tires are required during the winter driving season by law. If you are visiting snowy areas during the winter, make sure you know the rules when it comes to winter tires to avoid getting into trouble.

Winter tires are marked with a special 3-peak Mountain and Snowflake symbol on the sidewall, which means it has a true winter tire designation. Tires with this symbol meet the standards set by the province of Quebec and other areas where winter tires are required by law.


  • You may qualify for insurance perks


Of course the biggest benefit of investing in winter tires is your safety. But you can get other perks too. For example, you might be eligible for insurance discounts It can be as much as 5% as the cost of your policy, but it’s best to talk to your advisor to know how this works. Warning though, some companies won’t inform you about the discount. Make sure to ask about it to get the best deal.

When making your tire purchase, make sure to look for the three-peak Mountain and Snowflake logo designation, which makes it a true winter tire and helps you qualify for insurance perks.

  • It can improve your daily driving experience


Ever experienced getting stuck in snow and not being able to get home safely because of the poor driving conditions? Even seasoned drivers understand the importance of having winter tires. You are using the latest in rubber technology and design. Plus, you get more traction than regular tires. If you often drive during the winter months, there should really be no question about getting winter tires at all.



  • Changing tires is not as difficult as you think


Ever been tempted to just use your winter tires all-year long? Well, it might night be as cost-effective and convenient as it sounds. Winter tires are designed for ice, snow, and cold temperatures. While they are generally more flexible, it also means that they wear out faster in hot weather and on dry roads. It might end up costing you more in the long run.

You also need to think about how to store your winter tires properly. During the months when you are not using them, you can stack them on top of each other but try to rotate them regularly so that one won’t deteriorate more than the others. A better option is to store them on a tire rack at room temperature. You might also want to consider looking for an off-season tire and wheel storage offered by most local tire shops.

Don’t worry, getting your tires changed is a fairly easy process. It is highly-encouraged to think about your winter tires as early as September to have sufficient time to prepare. Schedule your trip to your installer before the winter rush to avoid delays and other problems.

  • In the long run, they don’t cost as much as it seems


Cost is a common reason why a lot of people choose to use all-season tires instead of winter tires, as many drivers see it as an unnecessary expense. Those of you who live in temperate areas will probably not understand the importance of this issue, but it’s really a matter of life and death for those who drive on snow and ice.

But keep in mind that having two sets of tires means both sets last longer. The extra costs are mitigated by the fact that you are extending the life of your wheels. Instead of buying one set of all-season tires today and another set when it needs replacement, you’re just buying one set of all season or performance tires and one set of winter tires that you can alternate to extend the life expectancy and wear of both sets.



  • There are environmentally-friendly options


Generally speaking, the whole automotive industry has not exactly been good to the planet. But a lot of companies are stepping up and trying to develop a better option that won’t cause as much damage to the environment. This is also the reason why hybrid and electric vehicles have become popular recently.

The environmental impact of tires is also significant. Being friendly to the planet is important to some drivers. Some tires, like the Sailun Iceblazer line are made with environmentally-friendly materials that are designed to keep humans safe and keep the planet happy. These tires also meet the European REACH standards.

  • You just have to experience it to appreciate the value


Once you switch to winter tires during the cold season, you won’t go back to all-season tires again. High quality winter tires like the Sailun Iceblazer models provide you with maximum traction, handling, and safety from winter conditions. Aside from feeling safer when you travel, winter tires can help improve your confidence as you drive through snowy or icy roads. You won’t feel nervous about driving when the temperature starts to go lower.

It’s not just the tires you’re paying for. You’re paying for your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road with you. It makes you a more responsible citizen to just go ahead and make the purchase. Like we said before, it does not cost as much as you think!

Ready to shop for your winter tires? You’re welcome! Always happy to help a bro out.


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