4 Reasons Why Veganism is the Best Lifestyle for 2021

The vegan diet has become a normal way of life now due to the immense popularity it has gained. It seems that more and more people, of all age groups, are highly interested adopting this lifestyle.

If you’re still living under a rock, allow me to tell you what veganism is; it’s a lifestyle that excludes the consumption of animals and their products such has honey, fur, milk and anything else you can think of that links to animal cruelty.

So in 2021, let’s make a New Year’s resolution to achieve a greener planet where no animal gets hurt. Here are a few reasons why we should adopt veganism:

1. Slim Down

Yes, eating a plant based diet will help you shed weight and become more fit than consuming meat. It’s believed that a vegan weighs 20 pounds less when compared to a meat eater. Red meat, in particular, has more saturated fat than white meat like chicken. Saturated fat is one of the main culprits for increasing blood pressure, which worsens cardiovascular health. In comparison, fruits and vegetables have a lesser fat content than meat and thus they are better agents in helping you maintain weight. The high content of fiber also gives you a greater sensation of fullness.

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2. Vegan Food is Tasty

With the burgeoning popularity of the vegan diet, more food options are available in the market – from meat-free bacon to vegan cheese there is an array of products in the market to keep you happy and healthy. Moreover, whatever you used to eat in the omnivorous diet, you can indulge in the same meals as a vegan. For example, you can munch on a juicy vegan burger or an artificially flavored bacon. And let’s not forget that we have the option to order vegan meals at home. There are several best vegan plan delivery – take a look at ready-to-eat vegan meals you can choose from.

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3. Feed the Hungry

Now this point may come as a surprise to most of you – how can being a vegan help feed the poor. To understand this, let’s take a look at the stats. For one, it takes a plethora of food and water to raise livestock. Furthermore, it takes about 13 pounds of grain to make one pound of animal meat. Just think of all the people we can feed on this planet that don’t have food to eat. We could save people from starvation. We can help those that are malnourished. Food is fuel for man and we all deserve to eat and satiate our hunger. This year let’s consider helping those less fortunate by making a simple sacrifice of giving up meat. Vegan food is delicious and you won’t be left out on anything if you cut meat from your diet.

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4. Be Kind to Earth

As we mentioned above, meat is not only bad for one’s health it’s also bad foe the planet. Raising livestock has deleterious impacts on the environment. To make room for livestock, trees need to be cut down. This not only leads to soil erosion but mass extinction of various species of animals. Needless to say, livestock grazing has led to q multitude of plant species to extinction. By now it should be clear that greed has led to destruction of wildlife on Earth which will only impact mankind later. We certainly aren’t asking for everyone to become a vegan, but the more people that do adopt the healthier vegan lifestyle will not only put an end to animal cruelty, but a greener Earth.


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