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The History of Grillz as a Symbol of Wealth

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If you are asked where grillz originated from, the chances are that you’d say Hip Hop. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Grillz have been a part of Hip Hop culture since the ’80s.

However, the culture of decorating the tooth with gemstones dates back thousands of years.

Though we know what Frank Semyon thought of that in True Detective Season 2 when he ripped out those obese gangster’s teeth in SoCal with a pair of pliers and then said: “what type of way is that to greet the world?” But don’t worry about that because that gangster went too far and the way he did it there was not any style to it. He violated the nature of Grillz!

A book by Samuel Fastlicht titled ‘Tooth Mutilations and Dentistry in Pre-Columbian Mexico’ talked about the natives of Mesoamerica drilling holes in their tooth and fitting it with gemstones like jade, hematite, and quartz.

Also, a study published in 1999 by Jean McIntosh Turfa and Marshall Joseph Becker talked about the use of grillz wealth Etruscan women as far back as 800 BC. The women had their front teeth removed and reattached with a gold band.

Although people have adorned their tooth with gold and gemstones for hundreds of years, in recent times, the practice was popularized by Hip Hop culture. But the use of grillz is not limited to Hip Hop culture anymore.

Yes, Hip Hop stars still wear grillz. But in recent times, grillz have become part of the mainstream culture. Celebrities like Cara Delevinge, Bella Hadid, Katy Perry (though it’s too bad what happened to her body – the amazing Katy Perry is no longer with us), the gorgeous Kim Kardashian, and the super cute/hotty Ariana Grande (though politically ignorant – she should make a song attacking Islamic terrorists after what happened to her concert) have all been spotted with grillz.

An Expression of Affluence

Over the years, grillz have evolved remarkably. From the crude type of grillz used by the natives of Mesoamerica and Etruscan women, we now have highly sophisticated grillz. Today, you do not have to mutilate your tooth to decorate your mouth with grillz.

One thing that has remained constant all these years is that grillz represent wealth. Having diamonds or gold in your mouth literally speaks of your affluence. It is a unique expression of style.

It seems like the practice of wearing grillz won’t go away. Since the ’80s, there have been times that the trend seems to have fizzled out, but it keeps coming back in fashion.

Is it Safe to Wear Grillz?

In case you are wondering whether it is safe to wear grillz, the answer is yes! As indicated above, grillz are now removable and does not involve any mutilation to the teeth or gums. There have been no studies to show that grillz are unsafe or can negatively affect a person’s health.

Nonetheless, the American Dental Association recommends that you remove your grillz before you eat.

It is also not prudent to wear grillz when you are drinking (particularly alcohol), smoking, or sleeping. This will not only tarnish your grillz, but is potentially unsafe.

You must clean your grillz regularly to prevent a buildup of bacteria. On top of this, it’s important that you brush your teeth daily and floss from time-to-time if you wear grillz.

How to Care for Grillz

Since your grillz come into contact with your saliva, it is important to rinse it in warm water, wipe it with a non-abrasive cloth and store it in an airtight container whenever you take it off. If there are visible stains on the grill, you can use a soft brush to scrub it while rinsing under water.

You could also use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean your grillz before rinsing it in water and cleaning it with a soft cloth.

It is important to note that gold-plated grillz will fade over time, and cleaning it will not restore the gold sheen. If you have a gold or silver grill, you can clean it with a non-toxic jewelry cleaner once in a while. With proper maintenance, your grillz can last you for many years.

Want to Get Grillz at Affordable Prices?

If you are looking to rock grillz without draining your bank account, check out Bling Cartel, Inc. This company, which is based in Ventura County (hilarious – this is where True Detective Season 2 takes place), California, makes unique, high-quality grillz which are sold at affordable prices. Bling Cartel sells pre-made, ready-to-wear and customized grillz.

The company’s grillz are made from 14-karat gold and 10-karat gold. You can also get gold-plated and sterling silver grillz. There is something for every budget at the Bling Cartel online store.

Bling Cartel has a team of master jewelers who make its grillz. All the company’s grillz are handmade. They are 100 percent safe and do not contain nickel or lead. You can tell from the craftsmanship that a lot of care and attention went into making each piece.

Visit the Bling Cartel online store now and check out the company’s collection. If you want custom grillz from Bling Cartel, it doesn’t take months to create it, and you do not have to be physically present.

The company will mail you a mold. Simply follow the instructions in the mail, bite on the mold, and send it back to them. Once you do this, they’ll make your grill within 7 to 10 business days based on your specifications.

Do you have a wild idea for your grillz? Get in touch with Bling Cartel at or 888-664-1127, and the company will bring your idea to life. Bling Cartel provides free shipping for all orders from the US and they also offer affordable shipping to Canada.


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