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4 Top Tips For The Best VR Experience

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No person wants to spend all the time and money involved in choosing and setting up new VR headsets to discover that it does not fit correctly because they wear glasses.  Regardless of whether you are nearsighted, or the glasses help you read, wearing glasses in VR is kind of a big deal!  As a poor-sighted gamer, I understand that there may seem to be many things that you have to do in order to truly enjoy the full VR experience.  If you aren’t ‘blind as a bat’ or have less than average vision, here are some top tips on how to enjoy VR while still wearing glasses.


  1. Do Not Remove Your Glasses



If it is possible, you should not remove your glass to play VR.  The majority of headsets are built with space allowing visually impaired users to easily wear their glasses when playing VR, with the exception of a few of the less expensive cardboard kits available to use.


If you attempt to use the VR kit without wearing any glasses, you will not see the picture of the game clearly and it can potentially alter how you view the game being played.  If you adjust the headset you are using with a blurry picture, not utilizing your glass when playing can make the adjustment even more difficult.


The one caveat to this is if your vision is not terrible.  If you wear glass to rectify a mild astigmatism or you have not been told to wear them all the time, you may be able to get away with adjusting the focal length and IPD on your VR headset.  Of course, not all of the VR headsets offer these options, and the best gaming or video experience is one where you view the images clearly while wearing your glasses during the gaming situation.


  1. Adjusting The Headset With The Glasses On


When first placing the headset on, it is important that you are wearing your glasses to allow for space between the headset and the glasses lens.  This will ensure that the VR experience is comfortable, and you can adjust this more easily when making your space visible.


Dependent on the headset, you may be able to adjust the IPD and focal length to obtain a good fit; however, what is going on inside the headset is not the only significant item.  Unlike other VR users, individuals who wear glasses have two separate accessories placed up against their faces.  This means you need to be careful when adjusting how the headset fits, as well as making sure the glasses remain stable on your face.  If your glasses slip down your nose, you will not be able to adjust them with the VR headset on.  Similarly, if the headset is placed too tightly around your head, it can result in a headache from pressing the glasses too near the bridge of the nose.


  1. Making Sure The Glasses Fit And Are Clean


People who wear glasses constantly look through two pairs of lenses when playing in VR.  While ensuring that the headset is fit correctly and you can see what is happening inside the headset, it is important that the glasses are placed in a way where they do not slip down your nose or you will have a bad experience.  This is why we recommend ensuring the glasses are correctly fitted.


What we mean by glasses being correct fitted is that they will remain in place when you put them on.  In VR gaming, you will be constantly looking around and this could result in thrashing; therefore, you need to see in order to react appropriately to what is happening around you.  It also means the lenses of your glasses must be clean and easy to see through.  The simplest method of ensuring this is by giving them a wipe down before entering VR.  This way you will not have to deal with a smudge making reading impossible after having started the game.

  1. Playing Your Heart Out


Now that the headset has been adjusted with your glasses on, you have completed the set up you need and can play your heart out.  You are prepared to play VR like no other regardless of whether you are simulating a job in Job Simulator, or fighting aliens in Alien Isolation.




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