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As A Free Phone Tracker App Showed the Betrayal of my Girlfriend

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Technology is very advanced at this day and age and many people are making use of it in different areas like the use of free phone tracker app. Marketing and learning are also some of the ways that technology is being used today. Tracking has been made easier with advancement in technology today. It is easier to monitor the activities of your kids, your employees and even your spouse using tracking apps. Some of these tracking apps are expensive to buy and they require subscriptions while others are free phone tracking apps. The choice of the tracking app or software to install completely depends on your personal preference and your budget. The best free phone tracker app in the market today is Hoverwatch.

Why use a free phone tracker app to track a girl

As mentioned above, there are very many apps that you can install to help you track your children and even your spouse and Hoverwatch is the best free phone tracker app. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a free phone tracking app:

  • A free phone tracker app is cheap to acquire


As mentioned above, there are tracking apps that are free and those that are not. The apps that are not free require you to pay monthly subscriptions so that you are able to enjoy the services of the tracking app. However, with the free tracking apps, you are not required to pay anything. All you need is to get the free phone tracker app from the play store and download it into your target android phone and you are ready to go. Of course there are some premium features you are not able to enjoy with the free phone tracker apps, but all you need is available.

  • They are easy to install and use


In most cases, the free phone tracker apps will require you to fill in lesser details about yourself and they will therefore take a shorter time to install. The paid subscriptions on the other hand may require you to give more information about yourself when you are downloading and even require you to set up a comprehensive payment plan.

How can you control your girlfriend on the phone using free phone tracker app?

Installing Hoverwatch app in your girlfriends is the first step to monitor your girlfriend’s activities. This free phone tracking app has many special features that can help you tack and control your girlfriend.


Some of the features are as elaborated below:

  1. The most important feature of the app that can help you control and keep tabs on your girlfriend is the geo location feature. With the app installed in her phone, Wi-Fi signals, GPS and cell towers will help you to pin-point her exact location at a particular time.
  2. The app will also notify you and continue tracking the phone even when the user removes the sim card. This will help you know what she is up to all the time, read all her messages on all social media platforms, watch her videos and even listen to the audios in the phone.
  3. Every time the phone is unlocked, the message and call tracker will take a photo of the person that is using the phone. Every time a phone call is made or received, or a text message is sent and read, the front camera will take a photo of the user. This way, you are able to see the person using the phone and even know if she has left her phone somewhere she is not. This is helpful to avoid blowing your cover and find out that she was not cheating, but had lent her phone to one of her friends. It may also serve as proof that she is indeed cheating on you with someone else.
  4. This free phone tracker app has the ability to track up to 5 devices at the same time. This ensures that you can track all her devices from the desktop to her laptop, table and even mobile phone at the same time. With this feature you are able to be thorough and cover all the loopholes to ensure that the results you get are accurate.
  5. The app also allows you to know what the device is being used for and who is using it. This is possible because the free phone tracker app will periodically take screenshots of the device. This way, you are able to see if the phone is mainly used for social media, texting or surfing the internet. Through the social media platforms, you are then able to tell who is using the phone at the particular time the screenshot was taken.
  6. The app also allows you to view the internet history, see the dates, addresses and even the time when the sites were visited. In addition, you are also able to monitor the phone records, the new numbers added to the contacts and the time they were added. With this information, you are able to browse through the names of the new people added, their addresses and even their email addresses.

    How to install free phone tracker app for android

Free phone tracker apps are very easy to install and so is Hoverwatch. Here are the three simple steps to follow to install this free phone tracker app in your android phone:

  1. Find the Hoverwatch website and select the sign up for free option. You will be asked for your email address and your password to get signed up.
  2. After you have set up your account, then download the app into the phone of the person you want to track, in this case, your girlfriend.3. When the download is complete, install the app and you can now start monitoring the activities the phone is being used for.


Today, free phone tracker apps can be used to spy on spouses to find out what they are up to and whether or not they are cheating. There are very many tracking apps you can use but Hoverwatch is the leading. This is because in addition to being free and easy to install and use, it is also very effective. There are no limitations on the activities you can track and those you cannot track. When you are looking for the best free phone tracker app, then Hoverwatch is the only option for you.


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