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Useful Phone Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

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Technology development brought society into the new era. Many of today’s businesses are based on the Internet, relying on smart devices and software. It’s not surprising that the application industry is in full bloom. 

Welcome to the digital world, when mobile phone users spend about 90% of the time using mobile apps. 

Considering that almost three billion people operate mobile phones regularly, it brought up a wide range of opportunities and ideas for practical applications. If you’re a big fan of technology and enjoy every day facilitations, you have to check out the list we provided to you. Below you can find the most useful phone apps that can make your life much easier.  


Imagine the situation when you’re in the middle of the road, and suddenly something wrong starts to happen in your car. You’re far from home, don’t know much about cars and can’t spend a lot on the reparation. Fixdapp is a life-saving application that can diagnose your car problems within just a few seconds. Some vehicle issues are so small that you can fix them yourself without paying around 100$ to the mechanic only to find the source of the problem. Fixdapp instantly diagnoses over 7,000 potential car issues with the touch of a button, translates it into an easy-to-understand language, and does cost estimation for your repairs. If you want to have full control over your vehicle, and don’t want to be charged way too much just for a diagnose, Fixdapp is the answer.  

Dark Sky

Have you ever wanted to have control over the weather? This app will imitate it very well. Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. It provides you with down-to-the-minute forecasts to make you fully aware of the weather changes. The application tracks your location and gives detailed information in what minute to expect the rain. It also sends you all notifications and alerts so you can always stay prepared to the weather changes. If you appreciate the design, you will enjoy checking the interactive local and global maps that visualize the current weather conditions.

City mapper

Another facilitating application allows you to walk, cycle, or drive around the city without any problems. It integrates with data for urban transport models and makes it much easier to move around the city, especially with the public means of transport. You can check nearby departures in real-time, find the fastest road to your destination, all possible transportation. The app provides you with online maps and sends alerts about traffic, delays, and any other disruptions on the road. City mapper is a perfect time saver that helps you move from one place to another and avoid any unpleasant situations on the road. 


If you enjoy modern technology and house improvements, WeMo is the application for you. The software allows you to have full control over the lightning in your house. It doesn’t matter if you’re in bed, at work, or enjoy your holidays on the island, with WeMo, you are able to turn the lights on and off from wherever you are. You can schedule your lights to be on during specific hours, or simply sync lights and devices to the sun automatically. It’s a smart security trick; set the “Away Mode” feature, and your lights will randomly turn on in the middle of the night, making it look like you’re home and scare away the potential housebreaker. If you’re afraid of darkness, lighten your place before entering the door. If you go out in a rush and forget about the lights, one click on the application and you avoid the high electricity bill. Go for the bright side and download WeMo.  

Think dirty

Many people buy random cosmetics without being aware of their compositions. In fact, many of the product’s ingredients may appear harmful to your health and the environment. If you want to know exactly what you’re going to pay for, Think dirty is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. The application provides you with barcode scanning to over 350,000 cosmetics, a comprehensive rating with detailed information about the product’s composition. You don’t need to be afraid to double-buy your cosmetics, My Bathroom Rating keeps track of what you already have. The application increases your awareness about the products you treat your body with and lets you save the money, as well as have full control over the products you get. From now on you can keep thinking dirty, but shop smartly.


If you find it hard to track your expenses and fluctuating account balance drives you crazy, this application will definitely make your life easier. Walnut is the money manager and daily expenses tracker that follows your monthly payments, lets you stay with the budget, pay the bills on time, and even save the money. Walnut can make easy calculations on how much you spend on specific things, which lets you keep control over your wallet, as well as tighten the bell if it’s needed. Moreover, you can also locate nearby grocery and medical stores with real-time crowdsourced data. It’s a great solution and time saver for people who don’t want to waste time tracking their transaction history. No more uncontrolled spendings. Say hello to the new technology that quickly calculates and organizes all your expenses. 

The Bottom Line

Mobile applications are a great invention that significantly facilitates people daily tasks and responsibilities. They can also sharpen many skills like money management, overall organization, productivity, communication and much more. Using mobile apps lets you save a lot of time, plan your daily schedule and prioritize the most important things. From simplifying your daily routine through helping you deal with any issues to bringing you balance between work and spare time. Make some storage space and dig into the digital world of applications. Getting along with this technology is the new way of an easy and happy life.


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