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Best Websites to Buy Real and Authentic Instagram Followers 2021

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There are a lot of reliable and genuine websites that help you get more followers on your Instagram profiles. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best websites to buy real Instagram followers.

There are a lot of social media platforms but in the last few years, video and photo-sharing app Instagram has left behind the others apps. Everyone is using it on their phones, laptops, PCs, etc. and they are just worried about the number of followers.

However, gaining followers can be time-consuming. This is why many youngsters are opting to buy authentic followers from various sites. This not only helps your account to grow quickly but also provides you with a chance to get connected with your targeted audience. There are many sites that one can visit to get followers based on their needs and demands.

Let’s talk about the best and most trustworthy websites that can help you to kick-start your Instagram influencer life in no time. All these sites are authentic and have been helping out millions of people to buy Instagram followers.

Trustworthy sites to get genuine Instagram followers given below

1. Adflee

If you are looking for genuine followers on Instagram? Then you can buy Instagram followers from Adflee. They offer a variety of customized plans for new users and you don’t even need to share your password for their service.

Don’t miss out on the chance to hack into real growth with a trustworthy source of help. Spams, bots, fake followers, and more can cause a lot of embarrassment for an Instagram user as it creates a negative perception of the account. However, this is one thing that you never have to worry about with Adflee.

What makes Adflee a trailblazer is that they pick the followers that are genuinely able to connect with your profile? It is all about quality over quantity! They offer different payment options, including PayPal and Bitcoin, which makes them the perfect choice internationally.

2. GrowthSilo

Many users fall into the trap of buying fake followers, but if you want to buy the real ones then Growthsilo can help you out. Growthsilo is an Instagram growth tool that helps you grow your fan base. Using traditional growth tactics you can grow you’re following on auto-pilot leaving it to the experts – through their fully managed service while you focus on increasing your content game and watch your followers grow.

3. StormLikes

If you’re looking for a site to buy Instagram followers that offers custom-made plans for its clients, then you need to check out StormLikes. This is another company that has been around for a while and with a lot of experience in the industry, they know what they’re doing.

You can also ask them to include followers from a specific location in the world, you can ask for female or male followers – whatever you prefer. They come with high-quality Instagram followers, 24/7 customer support, pricing that’s going to beat the competition, instant delivery, and lots of different features.


If you’re looking for high-quality Instagram followers then you need to take a look at Likes. This company knows that you need to focus on the right aspects of your Instagram to do well, and they can take care of the rest.

Their prices are highly affordable. They provide you with 100 Instagram followers for just $3. They provide quick customer support.

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is another platform where you can purchase Instagram followers. It is one of the most experienced companies in the industry. They want to help you gain more exposure for your brand and increase your follower count because they know how hard it can be.

6. PlentyGram

Another great site for buying real Instagram likes, followers, and engagement is PlentyGram. Their prices are very similar to some of the other mentioned services which start at around $3. PlentyGram also offers a TikTok service for gaining more views and followers as well.

8. Social Empire

This is a site that provides you with real Instagram followers. They have many different Instagram engagement options beyond followers, including likes and views, as well as downloads if you’re after help with another social media site.

They can help you with integration on other networks, not just Instagram, and they promise that their features are of high quality. They even come with a dashboard that’s super easy to use, and they have a targeted media presence, so you know that they’re doing well already.

9. InstaMama

The next company to buy Instagram followers from on our list is InstaMama. This company knows a thing or two about how the industry works, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to take care of you.

They claim to be able to take your brand to the next level with their reliable service, and they say that they are aware of fake engagement and try to stay away from it when and where they can.

The only downside is that they’re a little bit more expensive than some other options out there, but ultimately we think that they’re worth it and that you should check them out. Remember, in this industry, you get what you pay for.

10. Media Mister

For the best place to buy Instagram followers, you can’t go past a company like Media Mister. This brand has been around since the very beginning. One thing that stands out to us about this company is that they can help you on other social media platforms as well, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just Instagram.

11. Buy IG Likes Fast

This is another one of those websites that have been around for a long time. We love that they are one of the first suppliers of Instagram followers, in fact, and they can now help you with Instagram likes and views as well.

Helpful Tips Before You Start

Before you choose the best site to buy Instagram followers from, let’s talk about some helpful tips.

Instant followers: Always choose a company that can deliver you your Instagram followers quickly. 

What Are You Looking For: Think about things like this – how much money are you prepared to spend on this? Is the company you’re looking at good at protecting your data? What’s more important to you: speed or retention of followers?

Choose a reliable vendor:  Choose an experienced and reliable vendor you don’t want to go for someone who has just opened their doors. The more solid of a reputation the company you’re going for has, the better off you’ll be.

Pros & Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Just like any other service out there, buying Instagram followers also comes with its pros and cons. Let’s talk about them.


Instant Visibility: When you’ve got a fresh delivery of engagement on your Instagram profile of the right kinds of followers, then this is going to bring with it instant visibility. 

Credibility: If you’re a brand, then one of the things that you will be hoping for is more credibility. The more credibility you have on social media sites like Instagram, the more your clients will have faith in you.

Affordable: Buying your Instagram followers is one of the most economical ways to grow your Instagram account.

Saves You Time: You need to have more time to spend on creating content that your community is going to love and interact with.


Instagram Might Crack Down:  Instagram does a blitz on users and companies that don’t seem to be doing things the conventional way. 

Expensive: The thing about buying your Instagram followers is that you’ll need to buy comments, views, and likes as well. 

Spam: There is a lot of spam in this industry, and there are also a lot of scams. While some of the scams will be obvious, others will be hard to pick out, so you must be careful.


Will Buying Followers Work?

Yes – finding a good place to buy Instagram followers is going to work for your Instagram account.

Is It Safe For Me to Buy Followers for Instagram?

As long as you find a site to buy Instagram followers that is safe and cares about your reputation, then it’s completely safe to buy them.

Where Can I Buy Instagram Followers?

We’ve given you a comprehensive list of companies where you can buy Instagram followers.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers?

When an individual or a company buys their Instagram followers, they will immediately get an increase in the visibility of their account.

How Do You Buy Instagram Followers?

There are a few things that you need to know about buying your Instagram followers before you do it.


When it comes to the best sites to buy Instagram followers, as long as you have a proven method coupled with great service, you can’t go wrong. Of course, there are great and not-so-great places to buy Instagram followers, but this definitely shouldn’t deter you. The competition is fierce out there.

Make it easier by finding a company that can take some of the responsibility, so that you can focus on what truly matters – your content. Make sure that the site you go for cares about your safety, has various payment options, and is going to uphold your Instagram reputation.


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