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4 Perfect Gifts For Her – Mother’s Day Edition

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a good idea to start planning what you will get the important mothers in your life. You may not just be celebrating your mother; your significant other may be a new mom; you may want to celebrate your grandmother or a woman who you have chosen as a mother figure in your life. Mother’s Day is all about celebrating these women in our lives who have made sacrifices and taken us under their wings to help us live our best lives. Is there a better way to show her how much you care than give her something that can help her look or feel her best and live her best life too? With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best gifts for her this Mother’s Day.

A Digital Photo Frame

If you’re separated by distance from one of the women you’re shopping for – perhaps a mother-in-law or grandmother – a digital photo frame is one of the best gifts you can get her. Sure, she can check your social media feeds to get the highlights, but uploading personal pics on the fly as they happen has a much more personal touch. Especially if you have children and want to show her what’s going on in their day-to-day lives, or if you’re living that digital nomad life and want her to get a glimpse of your life abroad. Digital photo frames were once considered cliche, and today they can be an incredibly luxurious gift – some even reach the $500 mark. Find one in your budget and ship one to her this year. 

Subscription Services FTW 

These days, there are never enough hours in the day – and if you’re a mother, this is especially true. This year, why not lighten her load by paying for a subscription service or two. If you want her to eat healthier, a subscription to a meal delivery tailored to dietary restrictions is the ticket. Maybe she’s an animal lover, and the thought of her having to lug around heavy bags of food or litter troubles you – pay for it to be delivered right to her doorstep. Even if she’s a sophisticated “lady who lunches,” a wine or liquor delivery service could be up her alley. There are subscriptions for just about everything out there, so hop online and choose a couple she would benefit from. These gifts are great on your end, too, as they take just a couple of clicks, and you’re done!

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Nothing says “I love you, mama” like giving her fine jewelry for Mother’s Day. Maybe diamonds aren’t in your budget, but lab-grown or simulants could be. Shop around for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for women until you find one you know the mother you’re shopping for would adore. The great thing about jewelry as gifts is that they are a constant reminder of the gift giver as well. Every time your mother looks in the mirror and sees the beautiful necklace you thoughtfully picked out for her, she’ll be reminded how much she means to you. Jewelry is always a winner. 

Houseplants Or Flowers

Some women love receiving fresh flowers, and with so many flowers having a special meaning to them, they can be an incredibly thoughtful gift. The Yellow Pansy, for example, sends the message, “I am thinking of you.” While the White Lily tells the recipient, “My love is pure.” There is nothing purer than a child’s love for their mother. However, some women hate receiving flowers as they die and get tossed out. If the mother you’re shopping for is the latter, a houseplant can do a better job. Houseplants also benefit our health as they help diffuse harmful chemicals and purify the air we breathe. Even if she doesn’t have a green thumb, several plants are impossible to kill – Pothos, ZZ plant, and Snake Plant all come to mind.

Showing our mothers how much they mean to us shouldn’t happen just one day a year. While this gift guide is an excellent starting point to what you can do to show her how much you care, pick up the phone and text, “I love you, mom.” Or give her a call on your way home from work for a quick chat. These simple acts of engagement say more than any present ever could.



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