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Valentine’s Gifts for Different Types of Women

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Planning the perfect date and shopping for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can feel stressful for even the toughest men, but if you have a good idea of the type of woman that you’re with, you can narrow things down in a way that makes finding her an excellent gift easier. Thankfully you stumbled across this handy guide that gives you gift ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for different types of women. Keep reading to find your partner on the list and get inspiration for gifts that she’ll not only love but use. Planning the perfect date is still on you, though!

For the Minimalist 

Is your partner a minimalist? Does she prefer quality over quantity? Does she rock a capsule wardrobe? If you’re dating a woman who lives a life of intentionality and simplicity, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give her, it’s not a physical present but an experience. Spend your budget more on a restaurant you know she’s been dying to try or an activity you know is on her bucket list, like a hot air balloon ride or a horse-drawn carriage. It is a great idea if you insist on getting her a gift, a consumable that she will use, like coffee, local chocolates, or a pastry from her favorite local bakery.

For the Busy Professional 

Is your girl climbing the corporate ladder? Is she juggling motherhood and her career? Is she working on her Ph.D.? There are many reasons women can be busy professionals, but if that’s your gal, consider getting her a gift that will help make her life easier. She likely doesn’t have time to shop like she used to, so clothing items like a stylish blazer, business casual shoes for women, or a beautiful laptop bag are all great gift ideas. Though these may seem like impersonal items, they can mean a lot to her, and she will get a lot of use out of them when giving something like this type of gift, including a sweet note of encouragement and let her know how proud you are of her and how you see everything she’s doing and all of her accomplishments.

For the Gamer 

Do you and your girl game long into the night? Chances are, if your girl is a gamer, she already has her preferred platform set up at home, but new games are always coming out. If you know she’s got a certain game on her wish list, add it to your Valentine’s Day shopping list. You can also gift her items like a new headset, merchandise that corresponds with her favorite game franchise and characters, or even gift cards to use on her preferred platforms. Make sure you carve out time on Valentine’s Day to game together – after all, couples that game together stay together!

The New Mom

Did your significant other just bless you with the gift of a child? Even if you got her a push present, you need to step things up this Valentine’s Day for the new mom in your life! The best gifts for a new mom are things that make her feel pampered as she spends her precious time taking care of your new bundle of joy. Self-care baskets, massage gift certificates, spa days, and anything indulgent will all hit the mark. Of course, you also want to allow her to take as long of a nap as she wants on Valentine’s Day. Basically, do whatever she says on this day!

Glam Girls 

Would your girl consider herself high-maintenance? Is she into makeup and all things glam? Like a living, breathing Barbie? These girls can be hard to shop for, but don’t be discouraged! Fine jewelry, a new vintage Chanel bag, a makeup palette from her favorite line, or a new luxury fragrance are all the perfect gifts for a glam girl.

While you don’t want to turn your girlfriend into a cliche, sentimental and heartfelt gifts are beloved by not just glam girls but every girl in general. But if you want to get her something that she’ll use well, the above items will be a homerun present.

Hopefully, your significant other’s type is on the list, and if she’s not, you guys are together in love for a reason; you know her well, and she’s probably your best friend, so start there when looking for inspiration for a gift. But the above list can take a lot of guesswork out of the equation regarding shopping. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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