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Dating Apps Guide: Tinder or Plenty of Fish?

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Most of us at one point or another have downloaded a dating app for any variety of reasons. Maybe we were lonely, or love meeting new people, or were just plain bored while lying in bed at night. Despite our reasoning, we all want to use a quality app that can provide us with a variety of choices to find us what we’re looking for. Tinder and Plenty of Fish are two mega popular dating applications that give us these options.

Overall, both apps are easy to navigate and free to sign up for a basic account. Both offer a premium account for an extra charge that will give you some added perks. Although many dating apps have pretty similar ideas, Tinder and Plenty of Fish are quite different when you focus on the details.



Tinder is a hookup app disguised as a dating app. Yeah, we all know that one couple who met on Tinder and is still together two years later, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Tinder is a very simple yes or no, hot or not type of dating game. A swipe right means yes and a swipe left means no. Although there is a 13% rate of finding longer relationships on Tinder (longer meaning more than a month) the app is mostly used for casual hookups or finding friends, so if that’s what you want then Tinder is your ideal app.


Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish gets a bit more serious in the dating world and is overall more popular than Tinder, sporting upwards of 100 million global users. The website factors in personality traits and likeliness of compatibility, which is pretty uncommon for a free site. These features make it much more popular for those looking for something a bit more serious. However, the site does allow you to list what you’re currently looking for (serious, not serious) and has a function similar to tinder called Meet Me where you answer yes, no, or maybe to someone’s profile. Plenty of Fish also has an added bonus for women in that only women are allowed to send photos, as men were consistently being flagged for inappropriate content.


Final Decision

Both apps cater to finding the same hookup or casual experience, but Plenty of Fish is the only of the two that guarantees help finding a more serious relationship. We all go through both phases plenty of times in our lives, so which will you be downloading next, the love of your life or the fun for your night? But then again, they aren’t the only Dating App fish in the sea. The Inner Circle recently joined the mix in North America, and theres also some other more niche specific apps for groups like Sugar Daddies, and more.



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