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6 Tips to Building the Perfect Online Dating Profile

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In today’s day and age, with busy schedules and hectic lives, most people are turning to the digital world to find their true romance. But with thousands of dating websites and apps available, the online dating world can be overwhelming and intimidating.

To successfully navigate the online dating world, you need a compelling and effective online dating profile. It is not enough to simply sign up and hope for the best. With more and more people turning to the world-wide-web to meet their perfect match, it is important to take your time in making your own profile look appealing to a potential mate. Here are my top tips on how to help build a successful online dating profile that will get you noticed in no time.


1. Post your best online dating profile photo

It surprises me how many men think that they are the only visual creatures. Women are just as picky with looks, especially when they consider themselves to be a catch. Looks matter and your online dating profile is the first thing you notice when you’re online. Popular mobile apps like Tinder have singles weigh heavily on your photos. A bathroom selfie or any random selfie you post as your main profile photo, will likely lead someone to swipe to the left.


2. Create an interesting Username

Aside from your profile photo, women notice when you’ve taken the time to create a unique username. Women are wordy and appreciate the extra time you took to choose an online nickname that actually serves a purpose. Reading a random username like “TorontoGuy123” subliminally indicates you lack creativity. You may be boring. Ladies will read into all those things and often make fast assumptions about you based on your username.


3. Write a compelling tagline

Your online dating tagline is your “call to action” intended to attract the object of your desire. Effective tag lines entice, invite, arouse and create curiosity. It’s often a cute, witty or funny way to charm a woman. It’s comparable to a powerful tweet. Tag lines draw attention to your profile if done properly. Lots of guys give a little insight into their mindset, relationship goals, personal taste and lifestyle.

Examples of actual tag lines men have posted on Plenty of Fish are:

  • Optimistically searching
  • Genuine and unique
  • I know you’re out there
  • Within I wasn’t fishin…
  • Companionship and good times ahead
  • Ready to start a new chapter
  • Timing is everything..Chemistry is key.


4. Work on perfecting your online dating profile bio

For some guys, writing about themselves and having to describe what they’re like in real life, is like being forced to write a thesis about a subject matter they can’t stand. Your bio is serves as your personal resume and you’re hoping the right woman is going to take the time to read it. It’s not a place to list your job description, work history or generic personality traits. How many times does a woman want to read “I like long walks on the beach.” Don’t list activities or personality traits that describe the average Joe. Distinguish yourself by sharing stories of yourself in memorable situations to give a true sense of who you are. Rather than listing off a bunch of personality traits, it’s better to describe when you took actions that showcase your character.


5. Use positive and inspirational language on your profile.

A lot of women are guilty about writing long lists of “MUST NOT’S” on their profiles. Examples:

  • No smokers
  • Don’t be in debt
  • No cheaters
  • Definitely not a gambler
  • Don’t have allergies to dogs

And the list goes on and on. Men, please do NOT fall into the trap of writing down all the things you DON’T want your woman to be like. Such as – “Can’t be a nag. Can’t hate on my mother. No gold diggers. No women with crazy ex-husbands.”

These are statements I’ve read on people’s profiles believe it or not. Negative language on your profile, even if you are trying to avoid these types of women, translates as negative, bitter and troublesome. When you focus on writing down the things you want and are looking for, it attracts those types to your profile. Focus on positive personality traits and incorporate inspiring content into your profile description. You invite more women to your profile and appear as someone who has a great attitude about the dating process. Many profiles sound like the guy is full of resentments and fear.


6. Indicate who you’re looking for

A lot of men neglect or simply forget about, is to include a paragraph describing the kind of woman they want to engage with. Many times, the profile is all about the guy describing himself without sharing with the reader who he wants to meet. This leaves it wide open for any woman to respond. Be specific about who you want to meet on the profile as well.


These six tips cover your basic points to help you build your perfect online dating profile. If you’ve already got an online dating account, go through my six points to see how yours compares and take the time to perfect the areas that need attention. It’s never too late to make changes in a positive direction.


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