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“No Time to Date” and What You Can Do about It

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Work-life balance is one of the most commonly heard expressions over the last couple of years. Both employees and employers are aware that separating professional and personal life contributes significantly to work performance and one’s overall happiness. 

Yet, so many of them say the infamous “I don’t have time to date,” mostly referring to the excessive amount of work they have. 

Building a romantic relationship is one of the crucial human needs. Since the beginning of the human race, people have been gathering, mating, and creating families. It helped them survive back in the day. Even though it is a couple of thousand years later, finding a significant other helps people feel safer. 

Although the importance of mating is unquestionable, a lot of people pay little attention to it. With the work overload, so common nowadays, they prefer not to put much effort into finding a soulmate. 

Most of them prefer to take shortcuts. Using online dating websites such as, or dating apps like Tinder is a common thing. Inevitably, some of them have found the love of their lives in the digital world. Others, however, have been significantly deceived. 

If you are one of the busy people who needs a carefree flirt in life or wants to find a true soulmate, reading a fling review by Beyond Ages and Tinder stories before choosing online dating is a great idea. 

Once you’re going to understand that the digital relationship world is a tough one, you might want to know about other options of finding a possible partner. In this article, we will show you there is no such thing as ‘too busy to date.’ 

Office Life

Chances are you are working in an office or any other place that assumes other people’s presence. Also, chances are there is someone who you find attractive among those people. Take advantage of that!

Since you are spending most of your time working, why not make the time spent at work a little more pleasurable? Being sociable in the office is the first step to meeting someone interesting. 

Make friends with people, and once you find someone you consider attractive, find time to talk to them. Small talk during a coffee break or a lunch together is a great place to start. Flirt frequently, but not obtrusively. Give yourself time to discover whether you genuinely like the person or not. 


It is almost impossible to describe the health benefits of doing sports. Along with that comes another one, you might not have thought of earlier – the dating side of doing sports

Choose team sports or group sports activities. If you pick the game that you genuinely enjoy, you increase the chances of meeting people that share your passion and are single. Doing sports together builds a team spirit, so the boundaries are broken quicker than during a usual dinner date. 

It would be best if you chose sports classes that include cooperation, such as dancing, basketball, or volleyball. Also, the gym is a great place to go to. Don’t worry if you are not a bodybuilding expert. Someone will surely help you use the machines correctly, and that’s how you break the first ice. 


Interestingly enough, cafés serve more purposes than just selling coffee.

People like to start the day with a cup of tasty coffee, and most of them have their go-to places. If you see someone attractive in a café, try to be there every day at the same time. Chances are you will see the person again, and after a couple of ‘accidental encounters,’ they will recognize you too. 

Start by smiling, and then greeting them. Sooner or later, you will start talking, and then you will have a chance to propose a date. 


There is no such thing as no time to date if you do it wisely.

Instead of torturing yourself with cultivating the thoughts of ‘I want to date, but I don’t have time,’ or simply ‘I don’t date,’ use your time smartly. Combine the time spent in the office, cafés, or at the gym with an opportunity to flirt and meet new people. 

Dating and finding the right person is not all about being romantic. If both of you do the same sports, work in the same place, or drink the same coffee, chances are you will have more in common than with a random girl or guy from a dating website. 


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