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A Fitness Guide for People with No Free Time (and a Rapidly Growing Pot Belly)

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Did you ever notice that your belly takes on a life on its own? From flat one to bulging out like a pregnant lady, and the size of your waist changes day by day.

The Man

Name: James Smith 


Age: 38
Height: 5-foot-7
Weight: 220 pounds
Goal: To get rid of belly fat

His Daily Schedule: James has a poultry farm. To feed his hen, he wakes up at 5 a.m., and leaves the house at 6 a.m. Afterwards, he returns home, has bath, basks in sun whilst savoring his breakfast; later he leaves for his office job. James tells us that he usually comes home between 7 p.m. to 10; 30 p.m. Next he helps his wife with house chores, feeds and baths his four children and puts them to bed. After all these chores are accomplished by 9:30 p.m., he showers, he and his wife then have dinner together while watching reality TV.  He goes to bed by 11 p.m. as a tired soul because obviously he has a tough weekly routine. As he is unable to give his children enough time during week days, he has reserved weekend for family time as his children need him during the growing years of their life. 

Exercises He’s actually willing to do: After the hectic day routine he follows, nights are usually not tailed by any exercises because he is usually pretty tired. Also in Texas, it’s very cold outside which makes it very difficult to go for a walk on a frosting night. Not being ever going to gym might be the reason he had no idea about what exercises would work for him.

 What He Wants: He wants to look smart and stay healthy at the same time. He is interested in maintaining a healthy life style and wants to look as young as he used to be but this belly fat doesn’t let him. He also states that he has a family history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus and these diseases can be triggered with fat in his body. Also, he is concerned about his looks. He wants to feel good when his children and his wife introduce him to friends or when he meets his relatives. He wishes to have that boost of confidence he used to have back in the adulthood.

The plan 

Be Aware of the Real Problem Here: He might be stepping towards obesity. For a healthy lifestyle and good health, he has to lose around 63-pounds of weight as instructed by his nutritionist. His increasing waist size does not make him look good, also this increased weight makes him prone to risk of heart disease and hypertension. Belly fat raises the triglycerides and low-density-lipid level due to which he has a risk of developing insulin resistance Diabetes Mellitus. All of these signs may lead him to coronary heart diseases due to fat deposition. Not everyone who is obese faces these problems, but he has a strong positive family history of diseases, so James has a 50-fold increased risk of developing these conditions later in life.

Get Cooking: 

  • Include a good amount of soluble fibers in your meal: Fibers will make him feel full; they have an amazing quality of retaining water forming a gel mixture in your gut which makes you feel sorted in terms of food. Also he will not rush towards unhealthy snacks during hunger cramps. Fibers also contribute to your gut cleanse hence he can easily get rid of unwanted constipation crisis. Sources of fibers are oatmeal, beans, cherries, broccoli, avocado, etc.

  • Avoid fat-rich foods: Fatty foods are a part of daily regimen and it’s better to avoid these to lose belly fat. Avoiding processed dairy items, margarine, and vegetable oil will help control the major part. They increase the triglyceride and LDL level in your blood which makes him prone to coronary heart disease. 

  • Avoid alcohol: Drinking alcohol will increase his waist size by increasing central obesity. 

  • Use plant-based oil to make your food:  in order to fulfill bod’s requirement of macro nutrients, Good fats are necessary for healthy functioning of the brain and heart which use raw sources of fats like nuts, while cooking, using plant-based products will help him to cut his calories and also improved digestion will help him relieve his tension and anxiety. 

  • Include chia seeds in your meal plan: Low carbohydrate source of fibers are also required to fulfill the need of carbohydrates and also the fiber intake. 

 Now considering these, he should prepare his meal at home so that he does not binge on unhealthy food. Including raw protein in your meals of the day cut ones carbohydrates and fats as much as possible. Take fibers so that one bears the hunger cramps. Avoid the use of sugar while drinking tea and coffee. Also, very little milk or not at all.  Try to cut back on beef meat as it has high quantity of fats. If his wife is busy taking care of his children, do not excuse it. He should buy a healthy food recipe book cook all by himself. Also during this he can spend quality time with his wife helping her with chores. 

Avoid stress:  He needs to know that stress has a very harmful impact on our health. In the moments of stress and tension, human kidneys release a hormone named cortisol, which has a great role in obesity. It increases lipid metabolism because of which fat deposition initiates on the belly. Also increased appetite and stimulated insulin secretion will further enhance the lipid metabolism and for the sake of feeling good he might choose to eat food which is sugary and full of fats and carbohydrates. 

Cut Back: It is very easy to find a healthy food option, and only by changing your eating lifestyle can you see a clear difference. As soon as you start eating healthy homemade food, try to cut your portion size because it is necessary to reduce weight fast. For that, 

To lose those extra pounds is an easy task, but to maintain those lost extra pounds is a difficult one. He should know that he is not supposed to diet to lose those pounds instead he should shift to a healthier lifestyle and he will surely see a difference. The process is long but promising and rewarding. It is not important to lose weight early but it is important to lose it in a way that it does not harm his body. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in his diet will help him in the maintenance of his metabolism. Portion control is the key. To lose weight cut back on junk, and if he feels to have it, he should define portions for himself. Also, eat healthy. He can literally eat more when choosing healthy food as compared to what he eats if the food is junk. He should start using small bowl and plate size to cut his calories 12 percent every week. In this way he won’t feel hungry. Drink water as much as possible as sometimes our body only wants the water to fuel up…

As soon as he hits the 170-pound scale on weighing machine he will find the time and motivation to gym and start exercising as well. We wish him best of luck for his future. Also, enjoy your time with your date partner while cooking healthy food!

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