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4 Tips for Men in Bed

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Any woman has the ability to satisfy their partner and have a healthy sexual life involving intercourse on a regular basis to satisfy their needs and that of their partner. People who are more open about their sexuality tend to experience sex naturally and more frequently.

Below are four tips that will go a long way in helping you improve your sex life and have sex regularly with your boyfriend.

  1. Anticipating the moment

Anticipation has been shown to be very powerful over your psyche. It will force you to think about sex and make you start anticipating for that moment. There is sexual tension building this process, and this will get both of you excited and look forward to it.

There are different options when it comes to creating anticipation, but the most common is doing it over the phone using text. Send hints to your partner, and if you are close and trust each other, you can go the extra mile of sending them a sexy picture of you.

Another option is directly implying it or sending them private hints when you are both out with your friends. There will be more electricity and intensity when there are people around. You can touch him beneath the table using your leg or hand, then whispering dirty words to their ear. Perhaps you could suggest using the interesting “devices” at LTC, or suggest light roleplay.

Depending on how close you are or personality, you can leave them feeling wanted or aroused anywhere, anytime, and in many ways. Your main goal with this process is going for it.

If you are shy, you might have a harder time creating anticipation, but you will start getting used to it once you start and you will be able to see the benefits. You will start feeling more comfortable with different techniques. Visual techniques work best for men.

  1. Creating some visual effects

There are some coy girl sexual hints and signs that can come in handy when it comes to anticipation. Some of them include biting the lower lip, looking deep into their eyes, leaning towards them so they can have a better view of your low cut neck.

There are some that are really sexual and will most likely get them very excited. Your imagination will go a long way in helping you with this process. Some great examples include; slowly and provocatively undressing, giving them a striptease show, caressing and rubbing your breasts, and even masturbating in front of them.

While this will not work the same way for your situation, every guy is usually turned on when they see their partner touching herself.

A man will also like seeing you pleasuring them. You should let your partner see the action during foreplay, blow job, and intercourse.

  1. Getting Vocal

You can ask your partner to touch you or pleasure you in certain ways. This can at first seem dull and too frank, but they are going to be delighted to do what you want, especially if you guide them through or give them details.

Whispering close to their ear will help in heating up the atmosphere. When whispering close to their ear, make sure they can feel the breath and moisture from your mouth. This can be even better if there is dirty talk. This is very effective when used as an anticipator.

  1. Getting flirty and touchy

There are some subtle ways you can take when building sexual tension. Some of the things you can do are to caress the neck/ inside their arm/ palm using a finger in a back and forth movement, sit on their lap, slightly fuss your butt, stick your hand into their trouser into their front pocket like you want to grab the phone/keys, squeeze against them in a sensual manner, etc.

When doing the above gestures, always make sure they come with a suggestive look to their eyes and smile. These can also be great anticipators when you are in public.

If you want to try something that will have immediate effects, try out escalating to physical contact when you are having a conversation or watching the movie. Doing this out of the blue can be very effective.

Just start at the back of their neck then run your hands down their shoulder, slide over their chest. You fingers should then gently flow down their belly, and by the time you reach their dick, it will already be hard. Another option is setting a massage session then escalating to sensual touch.


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