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The Enhanced Male- By Men for Men

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The Enhanced Male – By Men for Men is a leading online retailer which allows men to shop discreetly for those items they are seeking from enhancement gear to sex toys.  Daniel Becker the founder of The Enhanced Male had been in the adult toy industry for over 10 years and noticed that stores generally were dominated by male customers (70% men to 30% women).  Upon doing further research he realized that men were typically marketed as an afterthought to women and couples.  Most of the online stores who focused on men were often shady and not geared towards your everyday man.  Becker wanted to provide a place for any man to safely purchase high quality products.

 What we like about The Enhanced Male is that it places a heavy focus on men’s sexual health and product education so buyers can make informed decisions.  The Enhanced Male team has a real passion for helping men overcome their sexual insecurities and anxiety.  Most men suffer from some form of sexual anxiety, be it performance based or physical based.

“Our mission is creating a safe and trustworthy place for men to shop for products to enhance their sex lives,” stated Becker. They offer free shipping and free return, all from the USA.

Their blog offers informative and education such as erectile dysfunction, The Five Quick Ways to Deal with Premature Ejaculation, Sex aids for a Better Sex Life and morale.

Finally, a place for all men to not only get educated on sexual health issues, but also purchase very discreetly the best-selling sex toys, sex aids, lubes and male enhancement products.

You can check them out at:


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