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Places to Visit in 2022

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With a new year approaching, and traveling expecting to make a comeback, which makes it a great time to start planning your next exciting adventure. The hospitality industry is waiting for travelers to resume the adventures, and there are plenty of places waiting to be explored.

Whether you want a relaxing spa vacation, great water views, or family-friendly adventure, there is a vacation spot that is perfect for everyone. As you begin to consider dream destinations to see, consider adding these popular vacation spots to your list.

South Caribbean

St. Kitts, Aruba, and Barbados are beautiful tropical destinations for people who enjoy sun, sand, and crystal clear water. A southern caribbean cruise is a great option for people who want to see a variety of sights without the headache of traveling. A cruise allows you to kick back and relax while letting the crew do all the work. You’ll see a variety of sights, have unlimited access to great food, and are treated to a variety of on-board entertainment. 


If seeing the Northern Lights is an item you want to check off your bucket list, you should consider Iceland as your next travel destination. Iceland offers some of the most amazing views you’ll ever see, and seeing the Northern Lights is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While you’re there, make sure you visit the famous Blue Lagoon for some pampering and delicious food. 


For an up-close wildlife experience, nothing beats a trip to Africa. The different regions of Africa have unique experiences to offer, so you’ll want to do research before booking a safari. If a safari isn’t on your list but you’d still like to make a trip to Africa, you can book a luxury Egypt tour, see the beautiful architecture of Morocco, or experience the majesty of the Saharan desert.


Have you always dreamed of staying the night in a castle? You’ll feel like royalty staying in one of the many majestic castles dotted across Scotland. Many castles have been standing for hundreds of years and are full of a rich history, so not only will you enjoy pastoral views outside your window but you’ll also learn about how people lived in the past.


Japan has cities, countryscapes, and plenty of culture for travelers of all ages to enjoy. Visit Tokyo to experience Harajuku fashion, a variety of food, and a vibrant nightlife. If you want a more traditional Japanese experience, stay at a Ryokan in the beautiful Kyoto region. While you visit, be sure to check out one of the many temples of Japan to experience a serene atmosphere revered by locals and travelers alike.


If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic vacation, the Maldives is a once-in-a-lifetime destination everyone should have on their travel list. This tropical destination will treat you to overwater bungalows and world-class hospitality. You’ll be able to relax with your loved one while enjoying views overlooking the ocean. You’ll go home feeling relaxed and connected to your loved one after visiting this dream-like location.


For adventurers who want to check national parks off your bucket list, start by making a trip to Yosemite. Situated in California, this beautiful sprawling park is home to a variety of wildlife and some amazing mountain views. Whether you enjoy hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, or just want a tranquil place to spend some down time, Yosemite would be a perfect fit for your next trip.


Visit France if you’re interested in immersing yourself in great culture. France is known for amazing food, art, and history, making it a place to go that will check all your boxes. In cities like Paris, you can also enjoy high fashion and amazing architecture or, if you prefer the countryside, the Alsace region will give you an unforgettable experience.


You’ll enjoy the best wine, olive oil, and food in Italy, where the locals understand hospitality. Meals are cooked with the freshest ingredients and often come right from the vineyard to your table, so if you’re seeking a place that will satisfy your foodie needs, this is a must.


If you’re looking for a fantastic travel destination in 2022, look no further than Australia! This amazing country is home to pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and cosmopolitan cities. What’s more, Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with something to offer everyone. So whether you’re interested in nature or culture, there’s something for you in Australia. If you plan on touring quite a bit of Australia, make use of luggage storage in Sydney. You can explore Australia without worrying about your belongings by storing your luggage.


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