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POUYA HASHEMI: Surviving COVID With Swagger & Changing The World!

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COVID-19 is everywhere. There is literally not a day that goes by where this virus isn’t brought up or inserted into some media news headline (this story included!). But, as we begin to reopen and get back to the “new normal”, we have to figure out new ways to keep healthy and safe.

One man named Pouya Hashemi is helping people everywhere! First, he survived COVID-19, and after beating the virus he used his knowledge in technology to create a product called RapidScreen to help businesses reopen. The product uses cutting edge advanced artificial intelligence thermo-imaging technology alongside a thermometer / facial scanning system, to screen both employees and customers for their temperature, face masks and other symptoms related to COVID-19.

Pouya not only is a genius with his product, but he is also pretty funny via social media, where he makes fun of everyday situations and does magic tricks for his loyal following.

Carrying his swag wherever he goes, we sat down – safely – with Pouya to learn more!

Surviving COVID-19 and now creating a cool AI facial-scanning product called RapidScreen that is helping reopen the world back up. You need to tell us, how did you come up with this idea, and did experiencing COVID-19 yourself play a part?

As the pandemic started to affect the world, I found that my existing technology business, spinTouch needed to adapt. After falling ill with the coronavirus back in January we made it our mission to pivot the company to help other businesses reopen safely. While recovering at home and working with the team virtually, RapidScreen Thermometer Kiosk came to life. Being one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to protect customers and employees, we take pride in our latest innovations in Automated AI Temperature Screening Technology used to create RapidScreen.

What types of businesses are buying your product to help them reopen and stay safe?

We originally thought that RapidScreen would be mostly popular within the restaurant and retail industry, using the thermal screening kiosk to scan customers before entering to check if they have a fever. However, we’ve seen a much larger response from almost all other industries as well.  About 85% of our clients are using the device to screen their employees before any plans on screening their customers. As businesses continue to reopen, we expect to see a slight shift and increase in customer screening in order to curve the second wave of the virus.

Beyond business, you like to have fun it seems on social media with magic tricks and cool editing videos. Why is social media so important these days overall to people/brands, and how did you gain so much “swagger” from it that you have such a loyal following on it?

Magic has always been a fun and creative outlet for me ever since I could remember. Now with social media, I am able to share one of my passions with people around the world. My day to day life consists of back to back meetings, calls, decision making, planning and potentially putting out “fires”. I play a very active role in both of my businesses, so spending some time creating content that is unique and fun is a way I’m able to have some balance. Hope you are enjoying the entertainment value I am showcasing!

What advice would you give others who want to create a product in this “new world”?

Now is a scary time to start a business or launch new products, however don’t get discouraged! When there is a will, there is always a way! I would recommend, based on today’s climate, make sure to put together a plan of action and utilize as many resources as you can to establish your brand or product. It’s critical to always solve a problem for people and companies, the bigger the problem you are solving the bigger the opportunity for your company. Best of luck to all the entrepreneurs out there!

What new types of new technology are you most excited to see start being implemented into our society in the near future?

Now that living with the virus has become the “new norm”, we are working on enhancing our RapidScreen Thermometer Kiosk with the newest and most up to date technologies. Our next step is to utilize QR codes and integrate the Covid-Screening survey/questionnaire with our RapidScreen Temperature Device. This will ensure that businesses are utilizing all Covid-19 related guidelines to allow entry through one device.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2020?

This year seems like it’s flying by! As someone who has experienced this virus, it is very important for me to express and preach preventative safety measures to businesses who are reopening. We don’t want to shut down our nation again and the only way to reopen the country is to be safe and take things seriously. Over the next few months we will continue to enhance our product to utilize the latest technologies to support businesses around the world. Long term, we hope to utilize our RapidScreen product line to not only prevent the spread of viruses such as the Coronavirus, but also reduce the spread of illnesses like the flu or common cold through fever detection.

Please visit our product website to learn more about the COVID-19 thermometer sensor kiosk and how to order:



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