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The Rise of Justen Alias as An Entrepreneur and Realtor Helping Athletes

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Real estate is a fast-paced industry with ever-changing market conditions. This makes it challenging for busy people such as athletes to find their dream homes when they need to buy one. Without knowing real estate trends, getting the best deal when purchasing a home for the first time can be challenging. And that is when you need the help of an entrepreneur and realtor such as Justen Alias.

Justen is a realtor and an entrepreneur. He has established himself as the go-to option for homebuyers from all over the country. However, he primarily focuses on helping athletes and entertainers through his Nexus company. Nexus is a nationwide sport and entertainment real estate and relocation network that offers real estate and relocation help to sports personalities and entertainers.

Nexus is an extensive network with high-profile individuals. It is where you find realtors, insurance advisors, current and retired athletes, moving companies, and concierges. It is through this extensive network that Justen has achieved success. But before the achievements, he endured the pain of creating the brand in a highly competitive industry such as real estate.

Justen has helped many athletes and entertainers through the home-buying process. He has worked with high-profile NBA players and sold homes to famous YouTubers, including Caylus Cunningham. Justen considers helping Caylus to find a home as a first-time homebuyer as one of his most outstanding achievements. His other accomplishments include the creation of his Nexus network. The company is one of the tops and has appeared in RealTrends publications. As an individual, Justen has received multiple awards for being one of the country’s best real estate sales agents. He was also featured in Ocean Drive Magazine and Yahoo Sports. His recent move to join the premier luxury broker in Miami, Compass, is also a milestone desired by many.

However, Justen’s success took work. He has opened up to share the challenges he faced along his career path. First, building a business in real estate and propelling it to success at the level of Nexus is not something to take for granted. He had to think outside the box by consistently meeting his clients’ expectations to build a reputation in the industry. Justen has always focused on providing value to his clients, propelling him to success. He now attracts high-profile clients countrywide seeking help finding their dream homes.

Justen wants to establish himself as the premier luxury realtor in Miami and the go-to sales agent for professional athletes and entertainers. He also dreams of seeing his Nexus network become the premier relocation service for athletes and celebrities. And his commitment to these goals is already evident from his achievements.

Any aspiring entrepreneur and realtor can learn from Justen. His story teaches every business person one lesson; always provide value to your clients. Making everyone walk away happy and satisfied is the way to beat the competition and stay on top of the game. Justen used these pillars to build his real estate business and still uses them to have an edge in the market.


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