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Interview with Chicago’s Jeremy “Devaughn” Harris

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Here’s the rundown on Jeremy “Devaughn” Harris; he’s a producer, songwriter and entrepreneur with the launching of his album “leave on June 1st and his on demand music gear delivery service Beears later this year.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jeremy attended church gatherings early on during his childhood.

This would then pique his interest in music, as he was inspired by the great musicians that would play at his local church. Their church performances made Jeremy fall in love with the art of music, which would motivate him to become a musician himself. To pursue his passion for music and make it into a career for himself, he studied at The Los Angeles Recording School and became an alumni in the year 2006.

Jeremy Devaughn would then end up working at Ocean Way Recording (which has now changed its name to United Recording) in Hollywood after graduating. During his stint at Ocean Way Recording, he honed his skills in songwriting and producing by being exposed to big names in the industry like Dr.Dre, Green Day, Jon Brion and many others.

In his words, the biggest takeaway Jeremy got from working with well known producers is “that in order to be successful you need to: visualize what you want, work really hard to get it, and get a talented team and persistence”.

Now based in Chicago, Illinois, Jeremy is focused on his music career. His new album titled “leave”  is slated for release on the 1st of June. When it comes to Devaughn’s musical style, he says that he has a pretty open approach.

Devaughn mentioned, “There really isn’t a plan or anything. I really just need to have the time to sit with a guitar or keyboard and things just start happening from there. I try not to have any constraints when creating.”

Jeremy’s main influences on his music include artists like James Blake, Beach House, Radiohead and King Krule. With these musicians being big influences on Jeremy Devaughn’s musical style, fans of these artists should definitely give his new album a listen.

Aside from his self-recorded EP “leave”, Jeremy Devaughn has also been working on his business projects on the side.

Jeremy Devaughn Harris has worked in the space of branding and marketing aside from being a musician, and he has also recently gotten into software development.

His new project, Beears, seems to be an integration of his newly found interest with software development and his passion for music as well as entrepreneurship. Beears is the first on demand delivery app for instruments, coming at a perfect time to fill the need for musical instruments with the closure of many retailers in the country.

According to Jeremy, Beears was an idea he was toying around with last summer when he got into software development. “I wanted a way where I could easily get gear like amps, guitars, strings, etc. delivered to me on the same day”, he continues. Beears was a project born out of necessity and practicality, as there weren’t any stores close to him where he could conveniently get the gear he needed for his musical endeavors.

Devaughn states, “ Fast forward to Covid, all of the music stores shut down. This led me to turn the concept into a reality”. Jeremy along with his partners plan to do a beta launch of the on demand delivery service on the Apple Store in July.

With that said, to follow Jeremy Devaughn and his projects, go to

Jeremy also releases teasers for his music on his instagram, where he teased the first track “here” from his new album. Jeremy’s new album “leave” will be available on all streaming platforms on the first of June.

He also has a YouTube account where he publishes covers of his favorite artists, with the latest video covering the track “Easy Easy” by King Krule.

To keep in touch with the development of Beears, hop on over to their website In any case, Jeremy Devaughn’s projects are surely worth keeping your eye on during these trying times; either by taking it easy and relaxing to his new track “here”, or being able to acquire musical instruments at reasonable prices through the Beears delivery app at your fingertips.


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