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Gifts For The Sporty People In Your Life

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Being able to buy gifts for different kinds of people is a big part of holding down healthy relationships. You have to match the present perfectly to the person, and that can be incredibly hard when you’ve already bought them everything! And never is this more true than when you’ve got a friend who loves to keep fit and is always in workout gear of some kind.

However, if you find sporty people hard to buy for, we’ve got you covered. Big reaches in the health and fitness industry mean new products your sporty friend will love – you just need to know where to look! So, if you’ve got no ideas (especially with Christmas coming along soon) check out the list below to find something just perfect for the fitness fanatic in your life.

A Massage Kit

People who workout on a very regular basis are likely to get sore muscles. Even when you warm up and cool down, sometimes you can miss a trick. Sometimes you don’t go far enough! Which makes a massage kit or equipment a very worthy choice.

You can buy a massage cushion that moves as they sit against it. You can buy a handheld roller they can use on their back just by reaching over. You can also get a massager they can just place the soles of their feet on, and get a killer foot massage without any of the fuss!


Handy Hydration Equipment

Someone who loves to keep fit is also going to need to stay hydrated. However, this can be a struggle when you’re always on the go! Investing in some hydration equipment that’ll make this drinking goal ten times easier will be highly appreciated.

An on-the-go shake maker, where ingredients can be stored in the lid and simply released into the watery base, could be just the thing your sporty friend needs. And even better, you can find flasks like these in most shops on the high street.

Make a Healthy Snack Box

You may not believe it, but people who love to workout also love to eat! So why not pack them a healthy snack box of your own making that they can dig into? And you’ve got so much freedom here to personalise the box and make it something they’ll absolutely love.

You can put items like protein bars, Delta 8 Gummies, green shake kits, cut fruits and vegetables as well as accompanying dips, and a cheeky cheat day item that’s packed with carbs. Whether they love cakes, cookies, or donuts, you can put a couple in the box just to remind them that junk food is OK from time to time. 

Cold Weather Workout Clothing

The cold weather can be hell to try and workout in. If people love to run or swim in natural bodies of water, they’re going to find it hard when there’s freezing temperatures outside! Which makes a cold weather workout gift a good shout here.

Gloves that you can still use an Apple Watch or Fitbit with, a hoodie that doesn’t get in your face and helps keep the head and neck warm – either are both good options here. As long as the person you’re gifting can use it when it’s cold or wet outside (and they’ve complained about that before!) you’re in for a win.

Something They Can Use Sitting Down

If the person is sporty in theory, but never has the time or has a job that keeps them chained to a desk, buy them something they can workout with when sitting down. Go for something they can use their feet and legs with under the table.

You can get pretty creative here. Such items include a mini elliptical that you can cycle on without needing to move anything else. You could also buy them mini desk weights that’ll keep their arms strong after using a keyboard for 8 hours at a time. These are both fun things too! 

Need Some Sporty Gift Ideas? 

Sporty people can be hard to buy for – we all know that. You may not understand any of the equipment you can buy for them, or they may not get any use at all out of the item you gift them!

However, there are plenty of new ideas on the market at the moment that you can invest in. The ideas above are just placeholders that’ll help you find the perfect thing to give them for Christmas or their birthday this year.


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