How to Make a Career Change at 40?

Do you feel unmotivated when heading out to work every morning? In your 40s, you have already spent years of your life strengthening your position at work. You are a respected employee with years of experience. However, a career that you choose for yourself as a young adult might not be what you envisioned for yourself. Straight out of college, individuals jump at the first job that in a way sets them down a fixed career path. You do not have to continue living the life that you choose for yourself in your 20s. Changes so late in your career seem daunting, but if done right it will drastically improve your life. Here are a few tips to help you leap:

Have a Well-written Resume

Whether you are planning to stick to your job role or try out a new job role, your resume is indispensable. Your years of experience translated onto paper gets you the boost you need. Your experience can set you apart only if you word it well. You do not have to present a biography to your future employers. A well-formatted resume ensures that you get all your achievements noticed. If your writing skills are rusty, you can hire certified resume writer services to do the task for you. Whether you do it on your own or whether you enlist help, keep a hard-copy and a soft-copy of your resume ready.

Narrow Down on Passion

What you are passionate about might not have been able to provide you with a viable source of income back in your 20s. Today you can rely on your passion for bringing home the bacon. You can turn your hobby, passion, and art into a source of income. Put in hours of research to find how you can monetize your passion projects. Take time to perfect your skills enough for you to market it.

Rely on Networking

You need to get back in touch with all your contacts to help make the transition. By getting in touch with old contacts, you can get information on any job openings available. Your work acquaintances can also be useful as referrals when trying to change jobs. Apart from relying on your old network of people, try to attend conferences and seminars to increase your network.

Scour Job Sites

Technology plays a key role in job hunting. You no longer have to sit with the classified pages to find your next gig. You need to upload your resume, write “about me” letter, fill in professional details and start job hunting online. By signing up to the top job sites, you can apply to jobs you want and can also get approached by recruiters looking for experiences experts. Similarly you could join recruiting companies such as to help you get your dream job.

Think About Entrepreneurship

With years of savings sitting in your bank, it might be time to become your own boss. Becoming an entrepreneur requires funding and planning. Come up with a viable business plan and start a small business which you can slowly grow. Your years of experience will prevent you from making mistakes that young entrepreneurs are likely to make.

Life is not always about settling. With some prior planning, you can leave your lucrative career for another career path which provides you with greater satisfaction.



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